"When we honor our flag, we honor what we stand for as a nation--freedom, equality, justice and hope."  Ronald Reagan
Join Young Men's Service League and Club Members, led by Steve Weible, as we deploy flags at Frisco Commons and Warren Park on Friday, June 29th at 6 pm.  This will be the first deployment of two flags at a World War 2 memorial that was requested to be added to our flag responsibility.  
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This Week in Rotary
Our year-end celebration is this week, so come to join the preparation for hand-off to President Elect Dawn Cruzan and her Board next month.  In addition to recognizing the almost 2,000 hours of community service and various projects, we will be presenting our Rotarian of the Year, voted on by the membership.  The recipient’s name is “Top Secret”, so come to be there for the revelation. 
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This year’s Rotary theme is “Making a Difference” and as I reflect on the year, it is a joy to realize we have done that in many respects. 
We have changed venues, changed Presidential order, changed some Board positions; added two new committees to the club structure and more.  We gave $6,600 to local charities from budget, provided over $8,000 through our newly-founded Grant Committee, provided financial means for two teens to participate in an international service project, sent four teens to RYLA and awarded three four-year college scholarships to deserving local students. 
Through the year, over 1,800 hours of community service were donated, which according to Frisco ISD scale, is valued at over $36,000.  That doesn’t include the hundreds of hours of weekly work for the club administratively, financially and in other respects.  We added two new service projects and a monthly Project of the Month, which aided multiple local organizations. Our members gave thousands of hours this year to benefit our community and I applaud all those who were a part of that effort.
Members worked in six elementary and with all local high schools, expanding awareness of Rotary and our values of service above self and the Four Way Test.  Our Interact Club grew from a dozen to over 40 members, and received several District awards, including sending a team of three students to Model UN at the International Peacekeeping Conference.   In addition, four of our Interact members were selected to fill seven District positions for next year, the most from a single club. 
Our flag program collaborated with the Young Men’s Service League, which created a mutually beneficial means of building, and hopefully expanding, our flag provision in local parks. 
The first international project supported by our club was completed in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, as the culmination of several year’s work.  Two of our Interact teens accompanied our committee leadership, for first-hand exposure to the needs of our international recipients and to service avenues. 
It’s been a year of difference in many lives touched by our club, and the impact will continue for years to come.     I look forward to celebrating our club’s accomplishments and all those who led the efforts to fulfill this theme to the fullest.  Join us for our celebration at this week’s meeting. 
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The Travel Raffle is the biggest fund raising activity of the club for this Rotary year and we are currently selling tickets.  Most members have taken responsibility for selling tickets, but to date, only 119 ticket funds have been turned in.   This represents less than 50% of the total ticket sales, and since we hoped to have the drawing on June 28, we really need all members with tickets checked out to turn in the funds for those tickets immediately . Please contact Chris Johnson at: or turn in the funds at the meeting.  
Approximately 70% of the membership has participated in the ticket sales; we need full participation in order to complete the goal which will enable next year's President, Dawn Cruzan, to start the year with a proper budget in place.  These funds allow for the scholarships, youth projects, international and community service of our club throughout the year, so is key to allowing us to continue to make a difference in the fullest degree possible.  
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Posted by Cindy Johnson
This past Saturday we had lots of early customers.  In addition, we had a steady stream of customers up until 11:00.  Then things slowed down (and it got hot!).  We added 25 people from the market to our email list.  The people who said this was their first visit to the market all said they found out about us by Googling local farmers markets. 
Even better…the people that came were spending!  K Bar K did over $6,500 for the day and our other meat vendor did over $1,700.  That’s over $8,000 in meat sales at a four-hour market.  Impressive!
At least five different potential vendors asked how to sign up as vendors at the market.  If they DO apply we will add a flower vendor, a pretzel/bread vendor and a cheesecake vendor. 
Market statistics:
17 vendors committed to attend the market.
21 vendors attended. 
[Note, that is more vendors attending than reserved!]
I continue to reach out to potential vendors to attend, but they cannot find help.  The vendors who want to attend but need booth salespeople are:
The Tamale Man
Mountain Man Jerky
Two Fun Guys (Mushrooms)
Bernards Game Day Chips and Salsa
Lucido’s Pasta, Herbs and Pickled Products
Village Baking Company (needs drivers)
While I’m disappointed that we’re not vendor-ed up because of the lost revenue, I believe that we have a nicely balanced market for our customers.  We have a very nice selection of produce and meats.  I need to beef up the baked goods and pickled goods. 
I had a great group of volunteers at last week’s market.  In addition to 5 Rotary volunteers I had two high school volunteers.  I will continue to lobby for volunteers at each Thursday’s Rotary meeting.  We also need to push Rotarians to shop the market.  The products really are fresher!
If you would like to receive weekly updates, email her at:
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Boys and Girls Club of Collin County, Camp Craig Allen and Frisco Family Services were our honored guests last week as we learned about their services to our community and ways in which we can assist.  Each organization is receiving $2,200 from our charity fund to augment their finances. 
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The current Rotary year is ending soon and this week we will have committee meetings to finish this year’s agenda and work towards the transition to President Elect Dawn’s year which begins July 12th.  Think about the area(s) of service in which you desire to be involved next year, and come to the meeting prepared to participate.
June 28th is our year-end celebration; I look forward to commending the work of our leaders and members for the many ways in which we have made a difference.
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Flag day deployment starts our week of service above self; see details in another article.
Our program this week is distribution of the charity funds for the current year budget.  In May, members submitted their three top choices of local non-profits for donations, and the top three votes were received by:  Boys and Girls Club of Collin County, Camp Craig Allen and Frisco Family Services.  Each of the organizations will receive a gift of $2,00 and this week will provide understanding of how the funds will be used to benefit their programs.
Invite a guest to this meeting as it is a good example of the results of our fundraising efforts as we help other organizations who are making a difference..
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Last week's energetic meeting led by our Interact teens was a highlight for the year of Youth Service.
In addition to introducing last year and next year’s officers, they provided an overview of the various projects in which they have served over the last school term.  These included the Rotary Leadership Summit, at which our team received 3rd place for the most peanut butter donations; designing and building the Community Parade float which received the Grand Marshall’s Award; labeling and organizing the books donated for distribution at Safety Town and helping with the distribution. 
December included volunteering for the Salvation Army Angel tree, assembling 2,000 gift bags for distribution.  The holiday party included a White Elephant exchange and allowed for increased awareness of other culture’s holiday celebrations.  During the holiday party, Interact voted to split the funds raised by Rotary for the Nicaragua trip, for use of two members, Gabe ?? and Malorie McGruder. 
Prior to the Nicaragua trip, Interact teens raised funds and accumulated a variety of books and good need by Nicaraguan students and sent with the team that included their representatives. 
At Spring Fling, Interact received the award for most donated books, aided by Rotary donations.  The days’ service projects also included making cards for distribution at retirement centers in addition to sharing project ideas and activities with District 5810 Interact groups. 
The year was capped off by the Model UN team’s participation in the Rotary International Peacekeeping Conference in Chicago.  Our team was comprised of Arundhati Gosh, Zain Kalson, Marian Ma and was chaperoned by teacher Jarred Stewart, Model UN Advisor, and President Elect Dawn Cruzan. 
In addition to our Interact teens, this year’s three scholarship recipients, Arianna Akinwunmi, Ryan Short and Jaidan Turner, were introduced.  Aina Suzuki, the Rotary International Exchange student co-sponsored by our club, shared her background and life in Japan as well as the best parts of her year in Texas.  Aian comes from Oarai, a town which in 2011 suffered the worst earthquake and tsunami in Japan’s history and attends a school that is known locally for its baseball program.  While in Texas, Aina attended Lone Star High School, participated in softball and attended a Texas Rangers game.  She was hosted for first semester by Mark Heuchert’s family, and for the second semester, by the family of Krista Ryan, President-Elect of Frisco Sunrise Rotary. 
An Interact-led meeting was one of the goals set for this year by President Laura and Youth Chair Rene McGruder.  It is hoped that this will become an annual tradition within the club to highlight the relationship between Rotary Club of Frisco and Interact. 
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In honor of Flag Day, we will be putting up flags in Frisco Commons and Warren Sports complex on Monday JUNE 11th at 6:00pm starting in the Commons, then moving to Warren Sports Complex. All available volunteers should meet at 6:00pm in Frisco Commons to start the deployment.  Any volunteer that has a truck and can help transport flags should be at the flag warehouse at 5:40 pm so we can load flags for transport to the park.
Flag pickup will be on JUNE 15th at 6:00pm starting in Frisco Commons as usual then moving to Warren Sports Complex.
For more information, contact Steve Weible.
Flag Day Deployment Laura Elmore 2018-06-10 05:00:00Z 0
An energetic meeting awaits, as we have our Youth Day.  Our Interact team will be leading the meeting, and presentations will include Interact, meeting our Scholarship recipients, and a report from our Model UN team.  Invite any teens in your life so they can hear first hand about the opportunities provided by Rotary through Interact.  
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As the daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, aunt and mother of Veterans of Foreign Wars, I have always appreciated the sacrifices that generations have made to secure the freedoms our country provides. When Kenny shipped to Kuwait and then into Iraq with the Marines in 2003, I developed a stronger grasp of the sacrifices required.   Sleeping on the hood of a humvee under enemy fire, going for days without stop, uncertain supply provision, limited water under extreme heat. . . these were some of the experiences of my son.  Yet we were blessed that his battleground experience was short-lived; only 9 months overseas and he returned stateside.  Throughout our history, many others served for years without relief; families were left for months without knowing the status of their loved ones.  More heart breaking is those whose sons didn’t return home, under circumstances unknown. 
We were blessed that Kenny, and the unit with which he served, came home unscathed.  However, a young man from our church was killed in Iraq. He was 19 years old, and delayed his college education to enter military service in the aftermath of 9/11.  A few months into his tour of duty, his parents received that dreaded phone call that their son was injured and en route to Germany for treatment.  We helped them get overseas quickly and they arrived shortly before his death.  He best embodies for me the true meaning of Memorial Day as he was a life cut short while fighting to preserve our country’s freedom. Coleman Hinkefent is not forgotten by us, nor by the others who knew him.   On certain dates, we stop to remember them, yet as his mother expressed to me, “every day is Memorial Day for me, as every day I have to remember why my son gave his life.” 
Can any of us truly understand that sacrifice without enduring it personally?  I don’t believe so.  I remember Coleman at random moments, at the anniversary of his death, and when I hear the National Anthem, but it is not the same as the daily pain his family feels.  Countless other families have endured this same suffering; every day should truly be a memorial to that sacrifice. 
Presidents Message Laura Elmore 2018-05-29 05:00:00Z 0
The May meeting of the Board of Directors was May 14th and included in the agenda was the approval of the three local nonprofits who will be charity recipients this year.  Based upon the votes cast by members, the top three non-profits were:
Boys & Girls Club of Collin County
Camp Craig Allen
Frisco Family Services
The budgeted amount this year was $6,600 for distribution, so a check for $2,200 will be presented to the three charities on June 14.  Please plan to attend the meeting and join the celebration as we assist these worthy organizations. 
The Board also voted for the adoption of the Rotary International Guidelines for Youth Protection as the official policy of our club.  This will be continually updated as Rotary International modifies, but will assure that our members are abiding by the best practices in working with youth to assure their protection. 
The Fundraising Committee is working on the Raffle Ticket sales; if you have not purchased or obtained your tickets to sell, please contact Chris Johnson.  The drawing is scheduled for June 28 to assure that all funds are in this current year.  A new fundraising opportunity is being put together for the fall, that will be a charity basketball game.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.  
A President Nominee position is still open with the departure of Mark Heuchert.  Please notify Dawn Cruzan if you are interested in serving in this capacity.  This person would succeed Dawn Cruzan as President, taking office in July 2019. 
Board Meeting Report Laura Elmore 2018-05-23 05:00:00Z 0
Join us for a presentation on patents with a local patent attorney.  President Elect Dawn Cruzan will be leading the meeting.  
Friday, May 25th at 6 pm at Frisco Commons and Warren Sports Complex is our first Flag Deployment of the summer.  Any available volunteers that arrive early can begin pulling the sleeve caps in preparation.  The flags are scheduled to be picked up on Tuesday, May 29th at 6 pm starting in Frisco Commons and then at Warren Sports Complex.   Bring your family members to participate in the celebration of our nation’s service men and women. 
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Rotary comprises a multitude of moving parts, and juggling those all to assure they continue in proper working order is the primary task of the Club President.  It has been a joyful (for the most part) challenge for this year to coordinate these various details, but it has also been a huge learning curve.  Despite attending PETS (President Elect Training School) provided by our Rotary Zone, attending an International Rotary Convention, and Rotary University (32 hours of training), there has been much that I have learned during my year. 
One of the primary learnings is that there are not enough people involved in the day-to-day processes of running the Club.  From setting up for a meeting, to responding to the multiple emails that come through each week; coordinating youth, fundraising, community service and international activities, more hands are needed. 
Throughout the year our newly established Presidential Committee met monthly and serves a tremendous benefit of sounding board and advice.  One piece of advice I have passed to President Elect Dawn is to have a designated person to fill in the blanks for her. 
We are a volunteer organization comprised of industrious people who are hard-working professionals who give back through many organizations.  And life happens, meaning illnesses, deaths, travel and other unexpected events which interrupts what people intend to do.  Having someone who can assist each of our key leadership positions and substitute when needed is a factor we need to add. 
The most recent example is Steve Weible, our Flag Coordinator, who will be gone for our first deployment of this season due to a family commitment.  He needs someone to step up and tke over his responsibilities for this one time and I hope that person will be willing to continue to engage as his assistant.  Not only will it make Steve’s efforts more effective, but will also spread the pleasure of service to another person, and assure that our Club has a knowledgeable persona available to step into Steve’s shoes when the time comes. 
There’s an old saying “it takes a village” speaking of child raising, but it applies to Rotary as well.  We all need to play a part to allow the Club to be the best possible. I encourage anyone who is not currently leading an area to ask where you can connect to learn and help.  Making a difference takes everyone’s participation. 
President's Message Laura Elmore 2018-05-21 05:00:00Z 0
The first distribution from our Grant Committee was one of the highlights of last week’s meeting as we hosted YMCA Frisco, Mane Gait and Every Orphans Hope.  YMCA will use the funds for Live Strong, a 12-week physical recovery program for cancer survivors and their families.   Mane Gait of McKinney uses equine therapy for children and adults with disabilities to move beyond their boundaries through the healing power of the horse, and the grant funds will provide for facility improvements to extend services.  Every Orphan’s Hope of Zambia creates widow-headed homes for orphans from infant to adulthood.   The grant funds will purchase cribs for abandoned and orphaned infants in new home settings. 
Our RYLA students were also introduced: Sydnee Brown, Caden Brook and Alyse Reyes of Heritage High School, Austin Hurley of Wakeland High School and James Rainey of Reedy High School, who is co-sponsored by Prosper Rotary Club.  Malorie McGruder of Heritage High School, one of last year RYLA participants, will serve as an Assistant Counselor this year. 
Three visiting Rotarians had flag exchanges with President Laura Elmore, including William Churchill of Chiang Mai International Rotary Club, Patrick Chapuredima from Rotary Club of Harare City Zimbabwe and Chuck Ulfers of Ft. Collins, Colorado. 
In Case You missed us Laura Elmore 2018-05-21 05:00:00Z 0
Save the date for several key events in our Rotary family including:
May 25 at 5 pm is our first flag deployment of the summer.  
June 28th is our year end celebration and presentation of awards. 
July 12 is the Induction of Dawn Cruzan as President during our lunch meeting.  That evening will be a joint reception with Frisco Sunrise Rotary to celebrate the new year of leadership.  The event is at Frisco Style office with appetizers and beverages; families are welcome so mark your calendars now.  
Mark Your Calendars Laura Elmore 2018-05-14 05:00:00Z 0
Mother’s Day was created in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, based on work of her mother in the post-Civil War era.  Ann Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia (Anna’s mother) founded “Mothers’ Friendship Day” in 1868, at which mothers gathered with former Union and Confederate soldiers to promote reconciliation.  It was after Ann’s death that Anna organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration and through her efforts, in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed a measure officially establishing the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.
Father’s Day followed in West Virginia the following year as one-time commemoration but Washington State celebrated the nation’s first statewide Father’s Day in 1910.  It gradually gained momentum, and while in 1924 President Calvin Coolidge urged state governments to observe Father’s Day, it was 1972 before Richard Nixon signed a proclamation making it a federal holiday. 
There are few better examples of “service above self” than parenthood, as we all realize that good parents place the needs of their children above themselves.  Whether through having good parents, or being them, we all hopefully have examples of the daily giving that goes above and beyond to enrich our lives. 
It is in that spirit that we welcome the opportunities we have through Rotary to teach, train, support, encourage, undergird and provide the needs of others.  It is a particular joy this week to have three organizations receiving the first grant funds awarded by our club through the newly established Grant Committee.  We are also introducing our RYLA participants; teens benefitting through leadership camp made possible by the funds and efforts of our members.  Lest we ever forget the reason for Rotary, these are but a few reminders of the purpose we have in making a difference together. 
President's Message Laura Elmore 2018-05-14 05:00:00Z 0
The newest club member, Christina Brennan, was inducted last week.  Christina is a returning member who was part of our club prior to 2000 and had to leave due to employment changes.  We are delighted to welcome her back and hope you will take a moment to get acquainted with her.
Shannon Keleher of Frisco Parks and Recreation provided an update of current offerings in the city, and the recent purchase of 380 acres of the former Brinkman Ranch for future park development.  Brandy Miles, Foundation Chair, also updated on our club status for Rotary International Foundation giving and the various programs in which Rotary International is involved.  
A need for someone to coordinate the Flag Deployment for May 25 was announced; please contact Steve Weible if you can assist.  
In Case You Missed Us Laura Elmore 2018-05-14 05:00:00Z 0
The first distribution of funds from our newly-established Grant Committee will be this week, to YMCA Frisco, Mane Gait and Every Orphan’s Hope.  Representatives of all programs will provide information on the use of the funds and how it will benefit their services, so please plan to attend and see how our hard work is being used to assist local, regional and international programs. 
We will also introduce the five students who are our RYLA participants.  One of the students was an alternate of our club, but Prosper Rotary Club had an opening, so we were pleased to have him attend as one of their representatives. 
Our Model UN team is also meeting this week with parents and advisors in continuing preparation for the details related to the trip.  Dawn Cruzan will be one of the chaperones accompanying the team to Chicago June 1 – 3. 
This Week in Rotary Laura Elmore 2018-05-14 05:00:00Z 0
Shannon Keleher of Frisco Parks and Recreation Department will provide an update on our community offerings and future plans. 
We will also induct two new members, Christina Brennan and Alex Hernandez.  Please invite guests to join us to enjoy the program and learn more about Rotary’s efforts to make a difference.
Raffle tickets will be available for distribution; all members are reminded of the importance of participation through selling or purchasing a minimum of three tickets.  Please contact Chris Johnson if you have not yet received your tickets.
This Week in Rotary Laura Elmore 2018-05-07 05:00:00Z 0
New programs and training available through Frisco ISD were presented by Allison Miller, Community Relations Director for Frisco ISD.  Included was information on Bright Academy, planned to open in fall 2018, which will implement a transdisciplinary framework, which emphasizes inquiry-based instruction, critical thinking and communication, as well as Spanish instruction.  The current Bright school will undergo multiple renovations and instruction changes and will also be part of the introduction of Project Lead the Way, a pre-career and technical education program focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  Also presented was INCubatoredu, with curriculum, resources and training to support an already-existing entrepreneurship course offered at all FISD high schools.  This program will pilot at four high schools: Centennial, Frisco, Heritage and Lone Star during the 2018-19 school term.   To assist and support the teachers, local business people are sought to serve as coaches and mentors.  For more information on how you can be involved, please contact Allison Miller at:
Lebanon Trail High School students of the month were hosted along with their principal, Jake Duce. 
In Case You Missed Us Laura Elmore 2018-05-07 05:00:00Z 0
Interact had elections this afternoon.  The students running for Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian each spoke about the importance of Rotary to them. A few of their comments included:
“Rotary provides a way to give back to our community when today too often things are taken for granted.”
“This club has more opportunity to make change than any others to which I belong.  It’s not just another achievement or item on a resume.  It impacts those we serve, brings us together as a group and helps us grow as individuals.” 
“We are a group with a common goal, as everybody comes together to make a difference.” 
As I listened, I wondered if I would hear similar comments within our group.  Why are we in Rotary?  These teens are there on a Tuesday afternoon when they could be studying for their AP exams, playing video games or making money at a job.  They show up for service projects, collect canned goods and books, attend District events; in short, they put in the time to walk the walk. 
Then I look at pictures of recent events in which we have participated, like the Big Star Marathon, Farmers Market, Blood Drive, and Fast Pacs.  The response of our club to give to the various Projects of the Month through games, food, sock, hygiene items and funds has helped many others.  We, too, have come together to make a difference and along the way, have helped and set the example for today’s high school students to follow our footsteps.  In early June you will have the chance to hear more from these teens about their service and I look forward to our growing collaboration.  
President's Message Laura Elmore 2018-05-01 05:00:00Z 0
Rotarian of the Year is one of the unique awards of our club, recognizing a member who this year has best epitomized the ideals and motto of Rotary, "Service Above Self".  Last year's recipient, Dawn Cruzan, will soon be inducted as our next President.  Other past recipients have included Mike Simpson, 
Nominations for Rotarian of the Year are to be submitted to President Laura Elmore by May 15th, and the recipient will be announced on June 28th at our End of Year Celebration.  
Rotarian of the Year Laura Elmore 2018-05-01 05:00:00Z 0
There are a multitude of local charities with which our Club, and members of our Club, are involved, serve and support financially.  An outgrowth of our fundraising is the opportunity to assistance these organizations with our work, funds and resources.  This year's budget included $6,000 to disburse to a few of these organizations to assist in their work with local youth, underprivileged and physically challenged.  Members were asked by email to nominate three non-profits for consideration of these gifts.  If you have not yet submitted your nominations, please do so prior to May 10th to President Laura Elmore at:
Charities of Choice Laura Elmore 2018-05-01 05:00:00Z 0
Allison Miller of Frisco ISD Education Foundation will update us on recent additions to schools, courses and opportunities for local students. 
Farmers Market is Saturday, May 5th from 7 am – noon.  Volunteers are needed for set up and tear down; contact Cindy Johnson at: to schedule shifts for this week or future weeks. 
This Week in Rotary Laura Elmore 2018-05-01 05:00:00Z 0
Boy Scouts of America Circle 10 Council representative, Michael Hall, updated the club on changes to programming, and the impact of scouting in our region.  As director of one of the area camps, Michael has a lot of first-hand experience with today’s teens and the needs and challenges they face.  Our Club is sponsoring a scout troop for the fall as it provides an opportunity to support the principles of Rotary with local youth for a minor commitment of club resources.
Paul Harris Awards were presented to Sheacy Thompson and Charlie Wendell by Club Foundation Chair, Brandy Miles, and guest District Governor Elect Bill Slicker.
Carter Blood Care Center brought their bloodmobile to this meeting with a goal of obtaining 16 pints of blood from our drive.  With the help of Crest Infiniti employee participation, we donated 17 pints, surpassing the goal!  We look forward to another blood drive in the fall. 
In Case You Missed Us Laura Elmore 2018-04-23 05:00:00Z 0
Over 200 teens from across District 5810 filled the commons area of McKinney North High School on Saturday, April 21 for a half day of fun, food, fellowship and service.  Originally planned for Shawnee Trail Park with an outdoor service project, the weather report necessitated a move to indoor facilities and the Interact District team worked quickly to make it an enjoyable day of interaction and entertainment. 
The last-minute change of location also meant a change of service project, and the two projects included making cards for nursing home residents and collecting books for Boys & Girls Club.  With the help of Rotary, the Frisco ISD Group by far had the largest number of books for the collection and because of our combined efforts, all clubs left with books to donate. 
In addition to the service projects, the day included games, sports and activities that allowed the District – wide groups to mix and work as teams.  While they played, the adults worked on plans for next year’s clubs. 
Our Club was well represented by Vandeveeter Middle School group and Frisco ISD Group, with over 30 teens and 5 adults in attendance.  Frisco ISD received the award for second highest number in attendance, most books donated and Vandeveeter received Middle School team of the year. 
The Frisco ISD group was also recognized due to having four of seven District Council members as well as a Model UN team. 
Next year the Vandeveeter group will be folded into the Frisco ISD group as the teacher sponsor is changing schools.  We look forward to the added energy the middle school group will bring to the overall club.
Interact Spring Fling Laura Elmore 2018-04-23 05:00:00Z 0
Frisco Library's Thomas Finley will provide an update on the new services and programs available at Frisco Library.
Farmers Market will set up at 6:30 am and end at 12:00 noon.  Contact Cindy Johnson at: to verify if assistance is needed.  Be sure to enjoy the many new and returning vendors available at the market this year and encourage others to shop local at our market!  
This Week In Rotary Laura Elmore 2018-04-23 05:00:00Z 0
37 vendors had committed to attend the market; 21 vendors attended, we believe due to the weather forecast of heavy rain.   However, the rain held off until late morning, and customer attendance was steady and customers were buying.
We added 30 people to our email list.
Per the vendors, it was a good (but not great) market.  Both meat vendors were happy; K Bar K had about $5,000 in sales for the day.  The olive oil vendor was thankful for the market going as she did well.  Produce vendors did not sell out, but seemed happy with the level of sales. 
Based on the grand opening day, the Rotary volunteer sign-up will change.  More people are required for set-up and take-down and fewer people for booth duty.  Booth duty also requires different abilities, so as you sign up, please keep in mind the physical needs of set-up and take-down.  A new volunteer sign-up sheet will be available for this week’s meeting.
Thank you to all who showed up early for set-up and throughout the day to support our service and our vendors.  A special thank you to Art Bourgeault who stayed for the difficult tear-down in the rain..
Farmers Market Opening Day Laura Elmore 2018-04-23 05:00:00Z 0
My father-in-law was an imposing figure, over 6’3” tall with broad shoulders and a booming voice.  He grew up on a farm in rural Missouri, served in the Navy and worked for the electric company in Tulsa for over 40 years as a lineman and later in management.  He climbed electric poles in all weather, installed transformers on skyscrapers and built his house from the ground up.  His strong, tenor voice led worship in multiple churches for over a half-century, and even in his last years continued to sing in the church choir.  Papaw, as he was known to family and friends, filled any room in which he entered, not because of wanting to be noticed but just by power of his presence. 
Papaw was not a Rotarian; he was a Gideon, a church elder, member of the VFW and Masons.  Yet he more fully embodied the principles of the Four Way Test than any person I knew.  Truth and integrity were at his core; he couldn’t even keep a surprise party a secret as he couldn’t mislead to guest of honor as to the reason for the visit.  He was generous to a fault, kind to every soul he encountered,
This is not to say that Papaw was without conflict.  In fact, on more than one occasion he was the target of attack at work or church because he was unwilling to diminish his principles or cut corners that could harm the quality of his work.  Yet, one of the characteristics that stands out most to me is that I don’t recall ever hearing him speak a derogatory word about another person. 
Often, as I share the Four Way Test, I am reminded of Papaw and the degree to which he exemplified it in his thoughts, words and deeds.  Reflecting on that challenges me again to follow his example and let go of any negativity about others, to focus on the positive, seek to improve my outreach to the community and increase service to others. 
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“Making a difference” is the Rotary theme this year and it’s a phrase to which I relate, as it embodies the reason I am a Rotarian: to effect change.  As I reflect on this theme, the former schoolteacher in me springs forward, and as I exhorted my students to do, I wanted to be certain I understand the words and their meaning. 
Making: means creating, building, constructing, crafting, formulating, composing, fashioning. 
Difference: means change, alteration, variance, modification, transformation. 
Put some of those meanings together and it includes creating change, or constructing transformation.  Powerful terms that I see happening through our club.  Some changes are minor, like a meeting location or leadership positions.  Other, however, are more impactful, like providing funds to an organization like Boys & Girls Club, Camp Craig Allen, Frisco Family Services, YMCA to support their improvement in the lives of others. 
More visible changes I have witnessed include many of the youth we reach through programs like Interact, RYLA, Model UN and scholarships.  I’m deeply encouraged
(heartened, stimulated, inspired, boosted) by teens like Joyce (name changed for privacy), a RYLA applicant who doing her interview said, “I believe there is something in me this camp can unlock.”  Joyce has transformed from being invisible last year to becoming a confident leader and is reaching for the stars in her college career, to a level which a year ago she didn’t believe was possible.  Or David (name changed for privacy) who was forced to re-schedule his interview due to a job conflict.  Rather than blow off the interview or his job, he sought a solution (Facetime) to maintain his responsibility to his employer while seeking the opportunity RYLA provides.  This is the kind of young man we want to assist. 
The same is true of some of our scholarship applicants, young people who may not have the highest GPA in their class, nor be President of every organization on their resume, but teens who recognize the need for funds to fulfill their career aspirations with a college education.  As I read that desire in their essays and hear it expressed in their interviews, it boosts my motivation to provide for more.    
Rotary Club of Frisco is not about a lunch meeting once a week; it is about constructing transformation in individuals.  This should invigorate each of us as we participate in that process!
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This Week In Rotary  4-16-18
Boys Scouts of America District Representative, and new transfer member, Michael Hall, will be our speaker this week as he updates our club on new programs through scouting.  In addition to the inclusion of females in the scouting community, Michael will provide opportunities through which our club and members can be involved. 
Farmers Market kicks off this Saturday, April 21!  Come to market and enjoy our 30+ vendors, buy some of their goods and enjoy the fellowship.  Cindy Johnson is coordinating volunteer shifts, which will be 2 members at a time for 2.5 hours shifts, two shifts per Saturday.  Plan to be there to support our vendors and our market. 
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A flap-tanstic time was enjoyed April 14 at the Big Star Marathon, braving cold winds, but warmed by the appreciation of recipients of over 2,000 pancakes.  Sixteen Rotarians, joined by spouses, mixed, poured, flipped and served pancakes to marathon runners and families.  In addition, Steve Weible and Mark Heuchert lined the opening route with flags the day before, at the request of race organizers. 
Our Interact Club provided water to runners at the last mile of the race, led by Youth Service Chair Rene McGruder. 
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Last week's meeting was abuzz with conversation as our Club Committees met last week during our program period.  A few updates from the discussions include:
Farmers Market:  permit for year-round market is received; first market is April 21st.  Members will be needed for 2 shifts per week with 2 members per shift.  Please see Cindy Johnson to sign up. 
Foundation:  the Rotary Direct enrollment for monthly charge or debit towards Paul Harris account will be presented again to membership this week. 
Fundraising:  our Raffle kicks off this week with a maximum of 350 tickets at $100 per ticket with a buy-2-get-1-free promotion.  The winner will have a choice of a trip from three options: golf adventure in Scottsdale, Spirit of America trip to in Washington, DC; or a beach get-away in St. Thomas.
Membership: a proposal was presented to develop a target list of potential members to contact with meeting invitation; two guests requested membership information.
Social: two events are tentatively being prepared for year-end and include Cocktail Hour at Cowboys Club on May 15 and a pool party in June. 
Youth: Interact has Spring Fling April 21, will be assisting at Farmers Market and is working with Model UN team for fundraising.  Scholarship applications are under review and recipients will be introduced to the club in May.
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Congratulations again to our Interact Clubs and sponsors, Kimberley Church, Kelley Hemenway and Rene McGruder.
We were just informed that for the Interact District Council, of the seven slots available, four of those have been awarded to members of the Frisco ISD Interact!  That is a distinct recognition of the level of service and dedication offered by our teens. 
The objective is that the group will be integral to all activities related to Interact, providing leadership to teens as well as adult leaders.  The group is challenged to proactively develop ideas, recruit volunteers and implement their ideas to make the District Interact program more successful. 
We look forward to Zain Kason, Marian Ma, Harshitha Pelaprolu and Suriya Senthiljurmar representing our club at the district level and supporting the efforts they will be extending for next year.   Zain Kason and Marian Ma are also on the Model UN team from our club.  Our Interact teens are making a difference. 
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You are invited to the Interact Spring Fling to learn how more about Interact Club.  The Frisco Club will join kids from 60+ area high schools.  They will be celebrating, playing games, eating food, doing a service project and meeting new friends.   As Rotarians & Educators, you are being invited to help make it a great event for these kids.  We will also have Advisor Training while they are playing games so you can learn more about involvement in Interact.  
It is very important that you register and take advantage of this opportunity to volunteer and learn more about Interact on Saturday, April 21st, 2018, 10:30 am at Shawnee Trail Park.  Hint: our club is to receive an award, so bring any middle/high school students you know and introduce them to Service Above Self through Interact. 
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Temperatures (and service opportunities) rising
While the outside temperatures heat up, so do the many service outlets in our club. This week we have two days of service available with Big Star Marathon, in addition to Interact meeting and committee meetings as our weekly program.   Our scholarship applications are under review with interviews coming soon.  We have a blood drive during meeting on April 19th and Farmer’s Market kicks off on April 21st for the season.  Interact Spring Fling is also April 21st with an opportunity to get a taste of this program in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. 
I occasionally hear from members that they just don’t have time to participate in our outside activities.  This was a large part of my motivation in offering committee meetings as part of our periodic meetings. Show up for our weekly meeting and you’re connected to a committee. 
By participating in those meetings, each member has the chance to add to the plans for our club.  Lack of involvement is not possible if there is the slightest interest.  And if you are not interested in involvement, maybe it’s time to wonder why you are in Rotary? 
Don’t get me wrong--I’m not suggesting that people drop out of Rotary; just the reverse.  For those not connected to a service area due to limited time or availability, our committee meetings are an avenue to overcome the hurdle.  Time constraints should not keep you from participation.  Even if you are not available to attend outside events, if you are at a meeting, you can take part in our service.   
As you arrive this week, if you are not already connected to a committee, look around and find an area that interests you.  Join the discussion and benefit in the process of making a difference. 
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We had a visit from Zack Altman, Senior at Reedy High School, who is participating in the Boston Marathon this month under the umbrella of Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Zack plans to be a pediatric physical therapist and has raised over $20,000 for Make-A-Wish.  While at our club, over $350 was raised for Zack’s efforts. 
John Wagner of Hunts Sport Group presented the NCAA Football Championship Game which has been hosted at Toyota Stadium for the past seven years.   In 2017, the game brought $6.8 million to our area through the almost 40,000 visitor days.  The next game is January 5, 2019 and will be shows on ESPN2.
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Four new members have joined our club and I hope you are looking for the red badges that help them stand out from the group!  Take advantage of the opportunity to introduce yourself and get acquainted with:
Michael Hall (not pictured):  Sr. district executive for Boy Scouts of America, our youngest member is a transfer from Rotary Club of Rockwall where he participated in RYLA.  Michael is already involved in our RYLA program and we look forward to his participation on many areas of our club.  

Josephus Howard (pictured next to Dawn):  another transfer from a Rotary Club (Carrollton/Farmers Branch), Joe is Vice President of Commercial Banking with Frost Bank.  Joe and his wife, Melissa, a school counselor in McKinney, have lived in Frisco for 7 years and have 2 sons, Trenton 12 and and Landon, 7 years old.  In addition to his service with Rotary, Joe is a member of Farmers Branch Chamber of Commerce and Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Collin County.  
Chris Jamison (pictured next to Laura): a Senior Vice President with Happy State Bank, Chris was sponsored by Mike Simpson and is a Board member of Boys & Girls Club of Collin County.  Chris and his wife, Carey, a bookkeeper have a son, Will, 11, and 10 year old daughter, Whitney, and have lived in Frisco for 14 years.  
Cindy Johnson (pictured far right) comes to us with Rotary experience as her husband, Ron, is a member of McKinney Rotary.  Cindy is our partner in the Farmers Market and brings her extensive experience with non-profit management and business administration to benefit our efforts.  They have lived in the area for 36 years and have two adult sons, Robert and Stephen.  
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CALLING ALL PARENTS or FRIENDS of TEENS!  You are invited to the Interact Spring Fling to learn how more about Interact Club.  We will have over 300 kids from 60+ area high schools converging on Interact Spring Fling 2018.  They will be celebrating, playing games, eating food, doing a service project and meeting new friends.   As Rotarians & Educators, you are being invited to help make it a great event for these kids.  We will also have Advisor Training while they are playing games so you can learn more as well!
It is very important that you register and take advantage of this opportunity to volunteer and learn more about Interact on Saturday, April 21st, 2018, 10:30 am at Shawnee Trail Park.  Hint: our club is to receive an award, so bring any middle/high school students you know and introduce them to Service Above Self through Interact. 
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Club Committee Meetings are on the agenda this week and we have so much happening that there is lots to discuss!  Come and be a part of the many events happening in Rotary and determine how to add your touch to the many ways in which Rotary is improving and influencing our community and beyond. 
Interact Club meets Tuesday, April 10 at CTE Center at 5 pm.  If you have any teens eligible for participation, bring them by to get acquainted with this energetic, enthusiastic group that is making a difference!
Flag deployment Friday, April 13:  Frisco Rotary Club has been asked to put out some flags at the starting line of the TEXAS BIG STAR MARATHON and the decision is that we'll put out 20 flags. The flags need to be installed the day before the marathon so that they are on display for the beginning runners early Saturday morning.  We need one truck and one or two volunteers to help marking sleeve locations, drilling holes, installing sleeves and rebar, then setting out the flags. Total estimated time is 2 to 4 hours. We need to meet at the flag warehouse at 12:00pm on Friday the 13th to pick up flags, sleeves, rebar, drill then head over to the college campus.  Please contact Steve Weible at 469-877-4597 or if you are available for a few hours of Rotarian fun and exercise.
Big Star Texas Marathon is Saturday, April 14 at Collin College Preston Ridge campus and our club and Interact are teaming together to provide bottled water and pancakes to the participants.  If you have not signed up to work, contact Rene Sinclair at for information.  
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District 5810 Annual Assembly was Saturday, March 24 and our club was well represented by President Laura Elmore and International Services Co-Chairs Art Bourgeault and Glen Hunihan.  In addition, our International Exchange student, Aina Suzuki, attended with Laura and spoke at the Youth Services presentation. 
Art and Glen participated in the International and Grant sessions, which will assure that our cub retains its grant certification for the next year.  Laura participated in the Youth track, supporting Aina’s participation.  That track included one of our Interact students who is also a RYLA alum.
The assembly opening session was a panel discussion of RYLA alumni speaking to the impact of RYLA on their lives and careers as adults.  There are several programs being added to expand the continuing connection of RYLA participants, including two annual 1-day meetings to retain their connection to Rotary.
Following the Assembly, Laura participated in the annual District voting on procedural issues as the club elector.  This is the second year Laura has held this position, and it is an interesting process to participate in the discussions and considerations of District level issues.  One of the primary results of that involvement is to recognize the importance of our club’s participation as one of the larger and more active clubs in the District. 
Last year, a Council of Past Presidents was established and it became apparent that there has been so difficulty getting this off the ground.  Laura looks forward to the opportunity to participate in this Council next year and work towards better connection between Clubs and District level work. 
Rotary Club of Frisco carries a strong reputation for excellence in the District, both in International and Youth programs, as well as in the caliber of membership development, service, leadership growth and participation in District events.  This connection will be important in the coming year as we build on past achievements. 
Interact Member Gabe President Laura Elmore
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District 5810 Laura Elmore 2018-03-26 05:00:00Z 0 Interact Member Gabe,President Laura Elmore
I appreciate input; I don’t know of a leader who doesn’t welcome it.  I benefit from diverse viewpoints and know that I see things from one perspective only.  In my daily life, as well as in my professional work, I bounce things off my husband, colleagues and even competitors.  We all benefit from a more rounded look at the world. 
The saying, “opposites attract”, is one I have always related to, as my husband, Bryan, and I are quite opposite.  He’s outgoing and a natural leader; I am by nature an introvert and behind-the-scenes person.  Of course, that surprises a lot of people, as today I am considered more like Bryan.  After 40 years together, I know it is through his influence and help that I have become more outgoing and confident to step into leadership. 
There is a benefit of taking the outlook and view of our opposites as it helps us see the world in closer to a 360-degree view.  One person only sees a partial perspective.  You can resent or be at odds over the differing views, or you can realize that you benefit from that difference and allow it to merge with your own.  The more you see and hear, the stronger the perspective you have. There is a verse in Scripture that says, “as iron sharpens iron, so one person can strengthen another”.  That process sometimes brings a few sparks, but if everyone has the same goal of a more effective Club, those sparks can ignite a fire which will warm those around it.
Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming to all of us on your leadership team.
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Last week was a busy week for our Club and hopefully you were there for at least one portion of the fun and service. 
Tuesday, March 20, a group of 20 adults and kids met at Frisco FastPacs and spent 90 minutes packing weekend meals for 750 Frisco ISD students.  These meals are provided to students on the school lunch program who might otherwise go hungry through the weekend.  In addition to the meals packed, our Club provided $359 towards food purchase as our Project of the Month.
That same day, New Member Training was attended by new members Josephus Howard, Chris Jamison and Cindy Johnson and prospective member Christina Gottesch.  This training started three years ago to assure that new members are aware of the commitments of membership, their responsibilities and opportunities as members and how best to start their Rotary journey. 
These three new members were inducted on Thursday, March 22nd.  That meeting also included a presentation from Leadership Frisco Class 21 on the Community Garden which is their class project.  This project will include expanding the Community Garden to provide more fresh produce for Frisco Family Services.  The garden is moving from its current location to Frisco Commons and that will include building raised beds, benches, storage shed, and pavilion. Our club was challenged to contribute to the project and President Laura will be taking a request for $5,000 funds to work with Frisco Sunrise Rotary to build the Garden shed.
Saturday, March 24 was District 5810 Assembly and you can read more information on that event in a separate article.
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It’s another active week in Rotary, including:
Citizen of the Quarter presentation on March 26 at Bright Elementary School, led by Stefanie Wagoner. 
Interact Meeting Tuesday, March 27 at CATE at 5 pm.  You’re encouraged to join this energetic and enthusiastic group of teens as they serve our community.  This week’s meeting will include a report from Gabe and Malorie, the Interact representatives on the Nicaragua service trip. 
Wednesday, March 28 at Frisco Style office at 5 pm is a Farmers Market update meeting.  Regardless of whether you are on the official committee, you are invited to attend and participate in the plans for this year's market.  The meeting is coordinated by Mark Heuchert and Cindy Johnson, Farmers Market Committee Co-Chairs and will be at 8020 Main (corner of Meadow and Main).
The Heart of Service Nicaragua Trip group will present this week, sharing details of the recent trip.  This will include Gabe ??? and Malorie McGruder, the two Interact representatives who were partially funded by our Club in their participation, Art Bourgeault and Glen Hunihan, our club International Service Co-Chairs.  Their trip included providing the funds recently collected by our club and Interact for provision of school supplies, books and uniforms, as well as working on the water well projects our club is helping to fund.
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Posted by Laura Elmore
This year thus far
We are not yet at the end of this Rotary year, but I received notification this week that we are receiving a Presidential Citation.  I started the year with many goals, and we have not achieved them all, but still have over three months remaining and I know that more will be fulfilled.
There are many factors included in the Citation, encompassing all areas: Membership, Foundation Giving, Public Relations, Service, Youth, District Participation and more.  We still have a lot of volunteer hours to record with Rotary Central, and more achievements to report, and as I review what we have accomplished, I am deeply encouraged.
TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More is a phrase I have included weekly in power point, as it encompasses the Rotary experience for me.  Especially as President, I am deeply aware of the importance of our team working in harmony.  Rotary is not one person, nor even a handful, but a group working towards the same goal, that of serving our community and world. 
Our achievements to date are proof of that principle as it is a team accomplishment.  Among our other feats is increasing our Foundation giving as evidenced by multiple first time Paul Harris presentations in the past few weeks.  We have three new/transfer member inductions this week. Our Interact Club has grown at an incredible rate and was selected for the Model UN at Rotary International Peacekeeping Conference in June.  The Club website is being expanded and updated weekly to provide current information to members and interested parties.  Our International Committee Co-Chairs, Art Bourgeault and Glen Hunihan, just returned from a week in Nicaragua with two Interact teens we helped fund for their first international service trip.  In summary, we are making a difference.
However, there are several opportunities ahead.  This week we are participating with Fast Pacs in a packing project; we are cooking pancakes and passing out water at the Big Star 5K Marathon on April 14.  April 19, we are hosting a Blood Drive at Crest Infiniti.  Farmers’ Market kicks off on April 21 and our first flag presentation of this season is in late May.  There are many potential members with whom you come in contact each week; take advantage of the opportunity to share our club’s service and invite them to a meeting. 
We have achieved a lot but there is much more available to do.  Together we will achieve even more. 
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Cindy Johnson, our Farmers Market partner, presented this year’s market information last week.  The opening market will be Saturday, April 21st 8 am – noon and run each Saturday through October 27.   An introductory vendor meeting was attended last week by 24 vendors who were reminded that the market meets rain or shine; if severe weather requires a shut-down it will be communicated directly from Cindy.  Flyers with coupon for use at the first market will be distributed at Streats and the Big Star Marathon.  Cindy will work with local publications for public relations and plans to advertise in Frisco Style, Dallas Child, and Edible. 
Sponsorships are still being sought; our current sponsors are: Marilyn Kuhlman Insurance $1,000+, Global Dream Vacations and Grande Communications $500 each.  Sponsorship details are available on the website beginning at $100.  
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Paul Harris Fellow presentations were made last week with Manny Etuokwu receiving his first Paul Harris award.  Other members not present for their award included Grant Diamond, Joe Thomason, Sheacy Thompson, Charlie Wendell.  Those presentations will be provided in coming weeks. 
It is a great pleasure to have our club currently running ahead of last year's  foundation giving at this time.  We have several additional Paul Harris awards in the process before the end of the year.  If you have not yet received your first award, please contact Brandy Miles to determine the amount of giving required to complete that during this Rotary year.  
Foundation Update Laura Elmore 2018-03-19 05:00:00Z 0
Join us Tuesday at 6 pm for the packing at Fast Pacs Frisco.  Closed toe shoes are a must.  Bring your spouse/significant other and children ages 5+.  Pack at: 110A Rose Lane #205..
Leadership Frisco Class 21 is our program this week, presenting information on their project for this year.  Invite a potential member to learn about our Club..
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The Heart of Service Nicaragua trip is underway, with members Art Bourgeault and Glen Hunihan representing our Club along with Interact students Malorie McGruder and Gabe. They are working with other club representatives from our District on the water wells in the rural areas, providing clean water and sanitation to schools.  While there, they are assisting with classroom improvements, providing funds for supplies and uniforms and attending a Rotary meeting to extend our greetings to the San Juan Del Sur Club.  They will share the trip experiences with us later this month.
Our Club website continues to improve, thanks to the efforts of Josh Meek.  He has added a “youth” link to activities with Interact photos, our Scholarship application, RYLA information, Model UN and more.  The “Community” link includes Farmers Market, the Charity Grant application and video clips of members about their Rotary participation.  I encourage you to look at the website frequently as it is updated with new information.  Thank you, Josh, for the hours of work reflected in this site.
A Grants Committee was formed last month on a trial basis, and is chaired by Chris Johnson for the next six months.  An application and review process is available online and is being distributed to area nonprofit organizations for consideration.  We look forward to the next step in the process and expanding the work of our Club. 
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GreatHarvestSponsor $5,000 (1)

Host the First Annual Farm to Table Dinner in support of the Frisco Rotary Farmers Market. Company name/logo on all market signage, posters, website, Facebook page , newsletters and t- shirts for entire 2018 season (34 markets!) Your company will be given the opportunity to put on demonstrations or display product one week per month during the market season. In addition, your company will receive 10 tickets to the Farm to Table dinner to distribute to your employees or customers.

FRFM Sponsor $3000 (1)

As the Frisco Rotary Farmers Market Sponsor your company name /logo will appear on all market signage, posters, website, Facebook page, newsletters and t-shirts for the entire 2018 season. (34 markets!). Your company will be given the opportunity to put on demonstrations or display product one week per month during the market season. In addition your com- pany will receive four tickets to the Farm to Table dinner to dis- tribute to your employees or customers.

Farmer Sponsor $1,000 (4)

As a Farmer Sponsor for the Frisco Rotary Farmers Market your company name/logo will appear on all posters, website, Face- book page, newsletters and t-shirts for the entire 2018 season. (34 markets!).

Friend of the FRFM Sponsor $500 (4)

As a friend of the Frisco Rotary Farmers Market Sponsor your company name will appear on all posters, website, Facebook page newsletter and t-shirts for the entire 2018 season.
(34 markets!)

FRFM T-Shirt Sponsor $100 (20)

As a Frisco Rotary Farmers Market T-Shirt sponsor your company name/logo will appear on the back of the 2018 Frisco Rotary Farmers Market T-Shirts worn by volunteers and vendors at the market and sold at the market.

For more information about partnering with the FRFM contact:  Cindy Johnson

Market Sponsorship Laura Elmore 2018-03-12 05:00:00Z 0
Charlie Wendell, Founder and Director of Melody of Hope, brought her work to the club last week.  Melody of Hope supports local charities with fundraising music events, leveraging the relationships they have with a variety of musicians and providers.  Several of the charities supported by our Club, including Boys & Girls Club and Camp Craig Allen are recipients of Melody of Hope’s work.  By giving to Melody of Hope, we can assist a variety of organizations who help those in our community.  Areas of focus are physically disabled adults, children and veterans; arts and culture; at risk women and children.  For more information, check out or talk with Charlie, a member of our club. 
Independence High School Students of the Month were accompanied by Principal Alan Waligura.  
In Case You Missed Us Laura Elmore 2018-03-12 05:00:00Z 0
Cindy Johnson, our Farmers Market partner, and new member, will present the details of this year's market.   Cindy’s experience and expertise with McKinney Market will be a strong benefit to building our market.  Come hear the new events and outreach of the market. 
This Week in Rotary 3-12-18 Laura Elmore 2018-03-12 05:00:00Z 0
February 22nd marked our last meeting at Winners Club at Toyota Stadium.  The program was our Four Way Test Speech Contest and we heard from two outstanding young women.  Unfortunately, two contestants withdrew at the last minute due to illness, but the first and second place recipients were awarded a higher amount--$300 for first place and $200 for second place.
Heerin Seo, the second-place recipient, addressed loneliness versus interaction and the application of the Four Way Test to reaching out to others.  Heerin, a junior,  intends to pursue a career in marketing.  Hillary Shah, the first-place winner, applied to the Four Way test principles to the importance of diversity.  Hillary is a senior at Lone Star High School and hopes to pursue a career in politics.  
Thank you to Al Brewster, for his generous sponsorship of this contest through funding of the awards and trophies.  Thank you, also, to Tony Felker, for coordinating the contest and all the details this year. 
In Case You Missed Us Laura Elmore 2018-02-27 06:00:00Z 0
Our first week at Crest Infiniti Event Center!  Don’t forget that we have officially changed our meeting location starting this week.  We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with Crest.  See you there!
The speaker this week is Ann Harris of Big Star Marathon, scheduled for April 14th.  This year will mark the third annual marathon which begins and ends at Collin College’s Preston Ridge Campus.
Interact Club will meet on Tuesday, February 27; if you know of any high school teens, please encourage them to check out the opportunity to participate in our vibrant group of future Rotary leaders.  They meet at CATE Center from 5 - 6 pm.  
This Week in Rotary 2-26-18 Laura Elmore 2018-02-27 06:00:00Z 0
Rotary International Peacekeeping Conference 2018 will include Model UN.  Our Interact club is one of 12 representing District 5810 and just learned that we will be the Hungarian delegation.  This means that the team of 3 delegates and 2 alternates will learn about the country’s culture, government, history and education system.  The topic for debate will be the importance of universal education and in preparation the team needs to fully understand the Hungarian viewpoint on the topic to properly represent. 
The District teams will meet several times in the interim, practicing strategies and presentations.  Each team has a different country and will be challenged to fully develop the reasoning of their perspective.  The practice sessions will allow them to improve their short position presentation and the art and practice of diplomacy.
Model UN Update Laura Elmore 2018-02-26 06:00:00Z 0
Touching Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
It may become a tired refrain, but I feel like I can’t emphasize enough the multitude of opportunities available to affect and influence our youth through Rotary.  Among our many youth programs are: 
  1. Citizen of the Quarter: based on the principles of the Four Way Test, fie area elementary schools recognize outstanding character of students through the Citizen of the Quarter.  A Rotary member coordinates for each school, with presentation of certificates and Four Way Test coins to recipients.  For most, this is the first introduction to Rotary. 
  2. Interact:  we started several years ago on a couple of local campuses, and then last year, under the leadership of Rene McGruder, consolidated to have 1 central club at the CATE Center.  The group grew from about a dozen to over 50 teens meeting bi-monthly.  It is an enthusiastic team who are learning service above self, expanding their reach and knowledge while gaining team skills. 
  3. International Exchange: outgoing and incoming.  Mark Heuchert’s daughter is an example of a recent recipient of the Rotary International short term exchange, as she spent a few months in Germany.  Travel is always a broadening experience, and to live in another culture for long enough to gain an understanding of their lifestyle, language and viewpoint is invaluable.  Through the incoming program, we also host an international student for a semester, providing them insight into our society while learning about theirs. 
  4. Four Way Test Speech Contest:  last week we hosted our contest, with thought-provoking views from the two young women.   This is another chance to expose high school students to Rotary, and especially the values of the Four Way Test. 
  5. RYLA: each summer, Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp provides leadership training for students prior to their senior year of high school.  Again, this is an excellent way to introduce students to Rotary, expand their skills and hopefully lay a foundation for future Rotary involvement.  I know that we have had several of the participants join Interact through RYLA.
  6. Scholarships:  for over 20 years our Club has provided college scholarships to local high school graduates.  The awards have grown from $500 to $750 per semester, and next year we hope to increase the awards again.  These funds have assisted a variety of area students in completing their college degrees. 
Each of these programs requires varying amounts of time and energy; additional volunteers are always needed to support and expand these programs.  Please consider the possibility of sharing your knowledge of Rotary and commitment to service.  Let Rene McGruder or me know if you are available for any needs.
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It feels like a punch to the gut: “The MOG test is positive”.  The last, and most important, test for our grandson Nathan, is positive for myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein.  This is the umbrella disorder under which are included such diseases as multiple sclerosis, encepholemyelitis, optic nerve blindness and more. MOG, a term I first heard three weeks ago, has changed our lives. As I understand it, this is an antibody which is attacking the myelin protective coating of my grandson’s nervous system.  All parts of the body are subject to attack at any time, and there is no road map for someone with this disorder. Further, since only 1 in 100 million affected by this disorder are teen boys, there is no one who can tell us what to expect. 
Until three weeks ago, Nathan was a healthy, normal 13-year-old boy.  His voice starting changing last summer and every time I saw him it was a few steps lower.  He’s not athletically inclined, preferring robotics and broadcasting. His goal is to study engineering at MIT (aim high!).  He is a quiet leader and was recognized by the teachers of Bright Elementary School as one of the outstanding students to meet with Mayor Maso in 5th grade.
Many of us have suffered these gut punch notifications before: “your Dad has Alzheimers”, “your mother-in-law has terminal cancer”, “there’s been a serious accident”.  Those notifications have a similar effect, but there is something especially painful about a child facing a lifetime health issue.  Others of us have faced similar news with our children or grandchildren, joining a “club” in which no one seeks to participate.  The choice is to become bitter, or seek to make it better; not only for your family but for others similarly affected.  The motto of Rotary International this year is “Making a difference” and I was especially proud of Nathan when, asked immediately to participate in a research study for the disorder, he responded, “If what I’m going through can help others, then I’m in”. 
I’m learning a wealth of new terms, and getting a crash course on human anatomy.  Children’s Hospital is encouraging Nathan and his parents to document the process to help other teens and parents traveling similar roads of health challenges; he is embracing this opportunity to benefit others.
A television personality has often said, “Make your mess your message” and we hope to do that with MOG.  Finding ways to support families with childhood health problems can be more than donating to a telethon.  I was touched by the desire of our Interact Club to give this year’s Valentine Cards to Children’s Hospital to encourage the kids and I assured Interact that it was equally impactful for the extended families.  The cards didn’t go the hospital where Nathan was a patient, but I appreciate that the kids were inspired by Nate’s experience to encourage others. 
Stefanie Wagoner was one of several parents who made the trek downtown to Children’s Hospital to allow her son to visit Nathan.  A hospital is not a place anyone seeks to visit, but the time and effort was the greatest source of encouragement for Nate, and therefore, for us. 
I’m thankful for the many ways in which our club is already making a difference: in Nicaragua water and sanitation projects, providing scholarships, providing leadership training for area teens, financially supporting multiple charities in their work.  I look forward to our continued process to increase assistance for those in need, both with our funds and with our participation, and seeking new ways to support those in need. 
The community within our club makes a difference with one another, too, as we cheer and assist each other.  Thank you to everyone who sent a text message or email inquiring about Nathan; that effort means a lot and I hope we will all remember to do the same for those around us.  It’s not the magnitude of the contact that matters; it is remembering and reaching out that makes a difference. 
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A last-minute substitution of our speaker brought Bob Wehrmann, member of Park Cities Rotary, and representative of USO DFW.  It is amazing to realize that an average of 600 guests are served by the facility, which is open 365 days annually.  Over 125,000 meals were served last year and the DFW facility is one of 200 centers worldwide.  As a Marine Mom, I have been a guest of similar facilities and know the impact of the volunteer agency to provide rest and respite to our troops and their families.  Funded by donations, members are encouraged not only to remember the service, but to seek ways to support financially and with in-kind donations.
Paul Harris Fellow recognition was presented to Jason Dudley and Craig Buffington by our Foundation Chair, Brandy Miles. Several members with high Paul Harris point levels have offered to donate those points and we look forward to additional presentations in the coming weeks. 
Over $260 was raised for Nicaragua school uniform purchases, which represents 13 or more young people who will be clothed to attend school.  Further funds were provided for books and school supplies and will be carried to the region by our team of Art Bourgeault and Glenn Hunihan in March.
In Case You Missed Us 2-19-18 Laura Elmore 2018-02-19 06:00:00Z 0
The Four Way Test Speech Contest will be our program this week, with five participants presenting their 5 – 7-minute speech.  A judging panel of members will rate the speech content based on Rotary International recommendations, with the results announced at meeting’s end. Trophies and funds for first, second and third place awards were under-written by a Club Member.  The first-place recipient will continue to District contest with possible additional fund award and the potential to participate in Regional and National contests.
This will also be our last meeting at Toyota Stadium; March 1 we will being meeting at Crest Infiniti Event Center.
This Week in Rotary Laura Elmore 2018-02-19 06:00:00Z 0
For several months, a special committee chaired by Chris Johnson has developed a proposed Grants Committee.  This group presented a proposed application process, policy and form to the Board and received full Board support at the February 16th meeting.  Implementation is in process, and a recommendation from the Finance Committee will be proposed in March for specific funds to distribute. This Grants Committee is established on a six-month trial basis, at which time the Board will consider making it a permanent addition to the Club structure. 
The Grants Committee will consider funding requests from non-profit organizations with 501(c)3 status, with a completed application that provides details of the purpose for which the funds will be used.  Sponsorship of a Club member is required for application; a five member committee will consider funding requests on a quarterly basis, and make a recommendation to the Board in the following month.
If you have any questions or interest in the process or committee details, feel free to contact Chris Johnson.  More details will be forthcoming in the next several weeks.
Grants Committee Laura Elmore 2018-02-19 06:00:00Z 0
Toyota Stadium has become so popular for events and meetings that the price for continuing our rental is beyond our budget.  After careful consideration, a committee led by Mike Barber and Andy Collins, recommended to the Board that Crest Infiniti Event Center is the best place for our weekly meetings.  This move was approved at the January Board meeting.
Our first meeting at Crest Infiniti Event Center will be Thursday, March 1.  Please mark your calendars accordingly.  The Frisco Rotary website will be updated prior to that time and we will continue to repeat the announcement.
We look forward to a beneficial relationship with Crest in the coming years. Please join us in expressing our appreciation to Toyota for the excellent service they have provided.
Venue Change 2018-02-05 06:00:00Z 0
Tammy Meinershagen, Director of Frisco Arts, shared her story of moving to Frisco from the Chicago area over a decade ago with her husband and daughters.  Finding little in Frisco for arts, she decided to get involved and help to bring new things to our area.  As a result, she is now one of the leading representatives of art opportunities locally.  Ms. Meinershagen shared a few upcoming events over the next few months.
The meeting also included Paul Harris recognition for David Buck (+2), Jason Dudley, Cynthia Hurley (+1), Allison Miller and Joe Thomason.  Brandy Miles was joined by District 5810 representative, Doug Gill, to recognize Jene Jensen as a Major Donor to Rotary International.  
In Case You Missed Us Laura Elmore 2018-02-05 06:00:00Z 0
Shona Hoffman, Director of Governmental Affairs for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, will provide information on upcoming elections; who is running, issues being presented, dates and places to vote.  This is a non-partisan presentation to prepare us as knowledgeable and informed voters. 
Students of the month from Lone Star High School will also be our guests.
February 6:  Interact meeting at CATE Center, 5 – 6:00 pm.  They are making Valentine cards for distribution to patients at Children’s Medical Center Plano. 
February 10: Blind Wine Event, 6 – 9 pm.  4317 Knollview Drive, Plano.  Bring your favorite bottle of wine to share; votes will be cast for the favorite red and white.  Not a wine lover?  No worries, there will be plenty of tasty treats for you too.  Appetizer trays can be sponsored; contact Kimberly Betz-Broussard at  Available refreshments are: 
Imported cheese Tray $40            Global Dream Vacations
Classic cheese Tray $35
Shrimp cocktail Tray $40
Mediterranean Tray $35
Trio Dip Tray $33
Deviled eggs tray $15                     Dawn Cruzan
Raspberry and Brie Phyllo $40
Crostini Platter  $38                        Cynthia Hurley
Charcuterie Platter  $38
Gourmet Cookie Tray $17
Caprese Platter $39
Ice and Ice Tea $30 .                        Kimberly Betz-Broussard
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Our quarterly First Responders Service Above Self presentation last week was to Officer Neesa McFarland of Frisco Police Department. Nessa earned her BS in Psychology from Texas A&M University and her Jurist Doctorate from Texas Wesleyan School of Law.  She completed clerkships at the Department of Justice in Washington DC, the US Attorney's Office, and the Tarrant County Attorney's Office. Then she worked as an Assistant County Attorney in Brazos County, TX, where she prosecuted DWI's, gang offenders, and drug offenders.   She graduated Valedictorian from the Denton Police Academy before joining Frisco Police Department in July 2016.  She has been working night shift in Patrol since March 2017.
McFarland exemplifies the core values of the Frisco Police Department, serving our citizens with compassion and empathy.  She does not hesitate to help others, whether through performing CPR during a medical call or helping grieving families during a crisis.  
McFarland diligently investigates crime, and is known for processing crime scenes to obtain latent prints to help further an investigation.  She excels at domestic violence investigations, DWI's, and drug investigations.  Officer McFarland's education, commitment, and service help set apart the Frisco Police Department as a model agency for others to emulate.
The program time was devoted to Committee Meetings with full participation of those attending in our various areas of service.  Results of the meetings will be announced in coming weeks.
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Posted on Jan 29, 2018
A wine and hors d’oeuvre party is planned for February 10 from 5 – 7 pm.   If you’d like to help with the refreshments, please contact Kim Betz or Linda Pardue.  Mark your calendars and plan to join us for food and fellowship.
Heart of Service Nicaragua Trip:  March 10-17, members Art Bourgeault and Glen Hunihan will be joined by Interact members Rene McGruder and  on the district trip to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  This trip will include seeing the completion of the water well project our club has helped fund.  They will also be delivering books, school supplies, and funds for uniforms to regional schools. 
March 20: service project at FastPacs Frisco from 5:30 – 7 pm.  This is open to spouses and children as an excellent opportunity to be a part of helping others in our community.  We will be packing 750 meals for kids in the school lunch program who might otherwise not have meals during the weekend. 
April 19:  Carter Blood Center will have their bloodmobile at our meeting for donations before and after meeting.  Please invite any friends or family who can donate and let's build the blood supply to benefit others.  
Coming Attractions Laura Elmore 2018-01-29 06:00:00Z 0
In many countries, like Nicaragua, school is considered a privilege and wearing a uniform is a sign of respect for that opportunity.  As a result, the culture places pressure on families to have uniforms to acquire an education.  As a result, many of the poorer families do not send their children to school, as pride prevents them from sending a child without the uniform which is considered a part of the acceptable culture.  School attendance alone is a financial burden to these families, as the cost of books and school supplies forestalls the funds for the uniform. 
In Nicaragua, the school year runs from February to November, with summer holidays in December and January.  The District 5810 Heart of Nicaragua trip in March will be at the start of the term, and is an ideal time to supply the uniforms to help children in need.  The cost of the uniforms is $20 per child, which will provide white shirts and blue pants or skirts.  We are collecting the funds to send with our team to purchase there as we will get "more bang for the buck".  Please join us in making the dream of an education possible for these families.   
Project of the Month Laura Elmore 2018-01-29 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 29, 2018
We have many projects and changes happening through our club and at the Board of directors meeting last week, these were some agenda items passed:
  1.  Farmers market partnership:  for several months we have been looking for a partner to manage our Farmers Market.  We are pleased to announce that Cindy Johnson of McKinney was approved.  Ms. Johnson is married to a McKinney Rotarian and has extensive experience with nonprofit management.  She was manager of two similar markets in McKinney with great success and comes with high recommendations from vendors and the city.  A proposed schedule for start of this seasons market is under discussion; stayed tuned for details.
  2. Venue change: the committee looked at 12 options and found only one that is within our budget and willing to commit to a long-term contract for Thursday noon meetings.  Crest Infiniti Event Center will be our new meeting location; start date is not confirmed.  When we know the first date to meet at Crest we will announce via email and the website, so continue to come to Toyota Stadium until then.  Thank you to Mike Barber, Andy Hardin and Charlie Wendell for taking on this investigation. 
  3. Fund dispersal process:  there has not been an established club policy for consideration of funding requests.  Chris Johnson led a committee to formulate a proposed policy and procedure and they presented a rough draft for approval.  We approved moving forward (with 1 dissent) and we hope to have a specific policy for a Grant Committee plus application and procedure to process requests for consideration by the Board within the next month.  If you have any questions about this, please see Chris.  Thank you, Chris, for assuming leadership of this key addition to our club’s effectiveness in the community.
Remember that all Board meetings are open to attend, though voting responsibility is reserved for Board members. 
Board Report Laura Elmore 2018-01-29 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 29, 2018
Tammy Meinershagen, Director of Frisco Arts, is our speaker this week.  The mission of Frisco Arts is to advance the arts in Frisco through arts advocacy, accessible programming, city grants, and private scholarships, supporting the economic growth and cultural identity of our City.
This is an excellent opportunity to invite a guest.  Our Membership Committee is sponsoring a committee over the next 90 days, that for every guest brought to a meeting, 1 point is granted; if that guest converts to membership, 5 points are awarded.  At the end of the period, the member with the maximum points will receive a gift to be determined.
January 29th the Citizen of the Quarter presentation will be led by Stefanie Wagoner at Bright Elementary School.  We are seeking a member to lead this program for Anderson Elementary School next year.  It is currently coordinated by Plano Rotary, but they would like to transfer to our club as it is a Frisco ISD.  The principal is a strong advocate of the program’s benefits and strongly desires to see it continue.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Rene McGruder or Laura Elmore. 
Interact meets Tuesday, February 6, to work on Valentines to give to Children’s Medical Center patients.  Adults to interact with the teens are always welcome; this is an energetic, vibrant group that is working diligently to serve in a variety of ways. 
This Week in Rotary Laura Elmore 2018-01-29 06:00:00Z 0
Our program this week will include meetings of our various committees to discuss projects and work underway.  This has proven to be a successful way to include higher participation in committees; please come prepared to join a committee in its continuing work to further our club’s mission and goals.   We are also honoring this quarter's recipient of the Service Above Self Award for First Responders.  Join us as we recognize Officer Nessa McFarland.  
Prior to the club meeting is our monthly Board of Directors meeting at 11 am.  This meeting is open to all members for informational purposes. 
Interact will meet Tuesday, January 23 at 5 pm at CATE Center.  Discussion will include the selection of participants in the Rotary International Model UN in Chicago in June. Five members will be the team, with three attendees and two alternates.  We are seeking adult sponsors and specifically need a FISD teacher with experience in the Model UN process.  If you have any recommendations, please provide to Rene McGruder. 
Citizen of the Quarter presentation at Bright Elementary School will be January 29 at 8 am.  This program is a fun way to share the principles and values of Rotary with elementary students and all members are encouraged to attend at any of the various schools within which we work. 
This Week in Rotary Laura Elmore 2018-01-21 06:00:00Z 0
It’s difficult sometimes to write a bulletin article without over-using the word opportunity.  However, it is difficult to find another word that communicates as clearly what is available and happening currently in our club.  As I fumble in the process, I resort to what I told my students: “Look it up” and in found the following definition:
“Opportunity: noun
  1. An appropriate or favorable time or occasion
  2. A situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.
  3. A good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success.”
Multiple situations have arisen that are favorable to continue our goals of service to our community.  Among those are:
  1.  Farmers Market:  last fall the Board of Directors approved a proposed partner agreement to aid in the administration, management and expansion of the market. The potential partner proved undesirable, and after a continued search, Cindy Johnson of McKinney has come to our attention.  Johnson has an excellent reputation in McKinney for two Farmers Markets she managed and has the added benefit of being married to a Rotarian.  At this week’s Board meeting, the proposed agreement will be presented for approval with the hope that the collaboration can begin in March. 
  2. Our sponsored Interact Club has been selected as one of 12 clubs from District 5810 to participate in the Rotary International Model UN.  Three delegates will be selected from the club plus two alternates.  They will travel to Chicago in early June with two adult sponsors to join students from across the country in this three-day event as part of the Peace Conference.  Our Club will be responsible for $3,500 travel expenses for the teens and adults; we will work with Interact in this process.  I’m excited about the opportunity to associate more closely with these teens in this project. 
  3. Fundraising: a variety of possible options have been under consideration with a benefit basketball game and a magic show as the preferred choices.  We will be announcing further details immediately and look forward to a full club participation in the project. 
  4. Community service:  FastPacs Frisco presented their work to the club last fall, and we are scheduled for a packing work day on March 20.  We are also working with Carter Blood Center on a blood drive in the next few weeks. 
  5. International Service:  the Nicaragua team will include two club members and two Interact students, traveling in mid-March to the areas in which we have been working on water projects.  While there they will work in some local schools and we can assist with funds to purchase the required school uniforms and books. 
One of the synonyms for opportunity is juncture, which I picture like a crossroads.  I look forward to the continued progress in the directions of service above self. 
President's Message Laura Elmore 2018-01-21 06:00:00Z 0
Congratulations to our Interact Club, selected as one of the 12 clubs from District 5810 to participate in the Rotary International Model UN.  Five students will be selected through an application and interview process, with three attending with two alternates.  They will be accompanied by two adult sponsors and will need a representative of Frisco ISD, preferably one with experience in the Model UN program.  If you are aware of anyone with this experience, please contact Rene McGruder.
This year’s Model UN will address the complexities of providing education and literacy to all children worldwide.  There will also be discussion about the opportunity to provide peace and conflict resolution training in school. 
Students participating in the program will learn about the dynamics of international politics and the details of important global issues, the policies of many countries toward those issues.  They will also learn about the activities of the United Nations. 
During the preparation process students will develop personal and technical skills and gain experience in researching the political and economic issues facing their respective country.  They will also learn how to more effectively listen to the needs of other countries and diplomatically negotiate compromises. 
This should be a very eye-opening and rewarding experience for all the participants.  Congratulations to Rene McGruder, Youth Services Chair, on her exemplary leadership of this group and to Kimberly Church and Kelly Hemenway of Frisco ISD, for their valuable guidance. 
Model United Nations Laura Elmore 2018-01-21 06:00:00Z 0
New Year, New Opportunities
We’re a week into a new year, and a variety of new opportunities are available.  As another story outlines, we have been investigating options to partner our Farmer’s Market with another organization.  It is hoped that this will lighten the administrative and management work on the club membership, while expanding vendor relationships through the partner who has experience in other markets.  If this agreement is completed, it will also guarantee a certain amount of income to the club which is beyond that which has been netted in the past two years.
Our Interact Club has been offered the opportunity to apply for participation in the Model UN supported by Rotary International as part of the Peace Conference next June.  District 5810 hopes to send up to 15 participants; our hope is that some of the participants will be from Rotary Club of Frisco Interact.
The Four Way Test Speech Contest will be held in February and is being coordinated this year by Tony Felker.  If you can assist with the coordination of the participants or serve as a judge for the day of the speeches, please let Tony know.  One of our members has graciously donated the funds for the awards and trophies for our winners; one more example of Service Above Self!
The Heart of Service Nicaragua trip is coming in March, and under the leadership of Art Bourgeault and Glen Hunihan, our members contributed funds to pay 50% of the cost for two Interact members to participate.  We look forward to hearing from these young people and the impact that this service experience will have on them. 
A new fund raising activity is under investigation by our Fundraising Committee, with a Magic Show the proposed activity.  If you are interested in helping with these plans, please contact Chris Johnson.
The next few weeks will bring a change in venue as our agreement with Winners Circle at Toyota Stadium will expire in late February.  Mike Barber and Andy Collins are leading a search for new locations; please provide any suggestions or assistance to them.
Rotary International Convention will be in Toronto June 23 - 27; some of our members are attending and if you’d like more information, look at  An International Convention is an amazing opportunity to meet Rotarians from over 200 countries and to learn more about the programs and opportunities Rotary provides.   
Our Club has multiple moving parts and a diversity of opportunities to serve.  Please respond to the needs --  we all benefit from the efforts to make us more effective. 
President's Message Laura Elmore 2018-01-08 06:00:00Z 0
As you are probably aware, we have been looking for a partner to assist in our efforts with the Farmer's Market.  Mark Heuchert, President-Elect, has led this effort and just recently proposed a possible agreement with Cindy Johnson, who has managed the McKinney Farmer's Market.  Her husband, Ron, is a member of McKinney Rotary and is known by some of our members.  This opportunity is being reviewed by the Board of Directors in the hopes that we can complete an agreement by February 1.  If approved, this will expand our market to year round opportunities in addition to expanding our vendors and providing additional administrative and management support.  
Farmer's Market Update Laura Elmore 2018-01-08 06:00:00Z 0
Join us this week to learn about Frisco’s latest developments from Economic Development Corporation Interim President, Ron Patterson.  This presentation is historically one of the favorite opportunities to share Rotary with potential members.  If you want to bring a guest, please let Laura know by Wednesday noon to assure that we have enough meals.
Interact will meet Tuesday, January 9 at 5 pm at CATE Center.  Discussion will include the opportunity to apply for participation in the Model UN sponsored by Rotary International.  If you know teens who would be interested, please bring them to the meeting to get acquainted.
This Week in Rotary Laura Elmore 2018-01-08 06:00:00Z 0
Gary Carley and his wife, Wanda, celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary on December 19 with a bone marrow transplant for Gary.  He was due to be hospitalized for 30 days post-procedure to protect against infection.  Gary is telling everyone that they will pretend they are on a 30 day cruise--small cabin, she doesn't have to cook, and they can read and watch TV.  
Please drop a note or card to let them know they are in our thoughts.  We look forward to seeing Gary in the near future, once his system recovers from the procedure.  
Gary Carley Update Laura Elmore 2017-12-19 06:00:00Z 0
Last week's meeting included an update from Bjorn of National Soccer Hall of Fame, which is being built at the south end of Toyota Stadium.  The facility will include a lounge and bar, and a multitude of artifacts reflecting the history of soccer.  There are a variety of interactive options planned, including a practice video for learning to play and improving technique.  The facility specifically does not carry the name "museum" so as to avoid the stereotypical view of a boring, static display.  
Liberty High School students of the month, Shryea Balamurali and Austin Widner, were our guests, along with their parents and principal Ashley Rainwater.    
In Case You Missed Us 2017-12-19 06:00:00Z 0
On December 14, a quorum of membership held a club meeting for the purpose of electing the slate of officers that will serve under President Mark Heuchert starting July 5, 2018.  Unanimously elected were President Nominee Elect Will Russell, Secretary Elliot Jolesch, Treasurer Mike Barber.  We look forward to their service and leadership of our club.  
Officer Election Laura Elmore 2017-12-19 06:00:00Z 0
Happy Holidays -- No Meeting Until January 4 2017-12-18 06:00:00Z 0
Monday morning members of our club joined Sunrise Rotary and other Frisco residents to welcome children and widows/widowers of America's fallen service members.  The group was greeted with flags, banners and cheers at Strikz Entertainment on the Walk of Gratitude, one of the weekend of events in the DFW metroplex hosted by Snowball Express 12.  Since 2006, the mission of Snowball Express has been a simple, yet profoundly important one: providing hope and new happy memories to the children of military fallen heroes who have died while on active duty since 9/11. In December each year children gather from all over the world for a four-day experience filled with fun activities, like sporting events, dances, amusement parks and more.
Snowball Express 2017-12-11 06:00:00Z 0
This week we will receive an update on the Soccer Hall of Fame, whose construction we are watching out the meeting site window.  We will also host Students of the Month from Liberty High School.  The Board of Directors meeting is at 11 this Thursday and a club vote on next year's slate of officers is on the agenda.  
This Week in Rotary 2017-12-11 06:00:00Z 0
It is always a good thing to share Rotary, and we have added a Four Way Test Banner and Club tablecloth to assist as we present Rotary at various galas, events and organizations.  As pictured here, we can use these items to represent the club, so if you want to use them, let Ernest Myers know.  
(Pictured is Melody of Hope gala with Charlie Wendell)
Keep Spreading the Word 2017-12-11 06:00:00Z 0
Last week we forgot to run this column, so to catch up, on November 30 we had an informative presentation by member Jon Kendall, President of Osky Blue, on internet marketing.   He included tips on how to keep a business visible in Google, and tips for better placement along with other helpful suggestions.  We look forward to having him again for more recommendations.
December 7 meeting included details of the DXL Frisco Bowl, whose first game is December 20 between SMU and LaTech.  This is another opportunity to present our city to the world as it includes Frisco in the name and will include 4 hours of television coverage on ESPN from Toyota Stadium.  CEO Sean Johnson plans to focus on a local flavor with each team’s bands included.  When college bands are not participating, he will utilize Frisco high school bands.  There are opportunities to sponsor various activities at the Bowl game, including Side-line events.  Ticket sales are going well but there are still some good seats available starting at $49. 
In Case You Missed Us 2017-12-11 06:00:00Z 0
Our meeting is at Crest Infiniti Event Center and will feature Frisco Bowl which is coming in just 15 days.  Consider inviting a friend or colleague who is a sport fan to attend and learn more about the addition to the Frisco sports scene and about Rotary. 
Tuesday, December 5 is the holiday party for Interact at CATE Center at 5 pm.  We're having pizza, cookies and sharing service with these motivated kids, so stop by to enjoy some fellowship. 
This Week in Rotary Laura Elmore 2017-12-04 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Laura Elmore
I began baking during our years at the youth ranch, making after school snacks for the kids each day.  Whether cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or brownies, all were devoured daily over homework and the hubbub that accompanied 10 kids.  Even the most withdrawn teen could be coaxed to participate a little over cookies and milk. 
As I was baking a variety of cookies this weekend, I thought about how the base is common between most recipes: flour, sugar, salt, soda and shortening or butter; maybe eggs.  From there, other ingredients determine the taste: peanut butter or chocolate chips; oatmeal or coconut and often become the identity of the cookies we enjoy. 
In much the same way, our club members share a common base of ingredients: love of country, family, fellowship with a desire to serve.  Yet how we exhibit that service varies widely: youth, international, parades, social events, flag program and more.   
Our boys ate a lot of peanut butter cookies since we were part of the school lunch program and received free government peanut butter.  Chocolate chips, however, were out of our budget and were rarely made, causing them to become Matt and Kenny’s favorite cookies.  They burned out on peanut butter cookies and to this day will pass them by. 
What if our club had only peanut butter cookies?  What if we only had one avenue of service available? I’m guessing our appeal might be limited and our membership might dwindle.   Some of us prefer chocolate chip; others grab for the oatmeal raisin. In the same way, we each hopefully have an area of Rotary involvement that is our favorite. If you have not yet found yours, please sample our array, find one (or more) that you enjoy and dive in.  The results are filling, fulfilling and sweet to all who partake.  And, just as I enjoy trying new recipes, if you have ideas of new ingredients or recipes to share, let me know. 
President's Message Laura Elmore 2017-12-04 06:00:00Z 0
Last week’s presentation of Citizen of the Quarter featured Mayor Jeff Cheney, and was publicized in the Frisco ISD news bulletin as below:
"The Rotary Club of Frisco is helping empower future leaders at five Frisco ISD elementary schools.  Club members host a “Citizen of the Quarter” student recognition program at Bright, Rogers, Sonntag, Tadlock and Vaughn elementary schools.  Anderson Elementary has a similar partnership with the Plano Rotary Club.
Volunteers visit each campus several times throughout the school year to hand out certificates and Rotary coins to students who display positive character traits such as honesty and trustworthiness. They also bring in local dignitaries and guest speakers to reinforce messages about service, citizenship and leadership.  
Winners of “Citizen of the Quarter” are selected by classroom teachers based on criteria related to Rotary’s Four-Way Test:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
The Rotary Club of Frisco recently invited Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney to help present the awards at Bright Elementary. Students were recognized based on their commitment to being respectful, responsible and ready to learn.  Cheney spoke to students about how these qualities impact leadership and his role as mayor, including the importance of being a life-long learner.  “Never stop continuing to challenge yourself and learn new things. That’s what makes a great leader,” he said.
The Rotary Club of Frisco also sponsors opportunities for students from multiple FISD high schools to participate in Interact, a Rotary organization for high school students. In addition, the group recognizes high school seniors from across the District each month for their accomplishments, community service and involvement in and out of the classroom.  
Local Rotary Clubs also sponsor high school student participation in Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards), a week-long summer camp aimed at developing their leadership skills."
Citizen of the Quarter Laura Elmore 2017-12-04 06:00:00Z 0
We are back at Crest Infiniti Event Center this week at:
6100 TX Hwy 121.  
See you there!
On the Move Again Laura Elmore 2017-12-04 06:00:00Z 0
December 14 our meeting will include a club assembly to vote on the proposed officers for the next Presidential term as follows:
President Nominee:  Will Russell
Secretary:  Elliot Jolesch
Treasurer:  Mike Barber
Please consider these choices and come to that meeting prepared to cast your vote.  
Club Vote December 14 Laura Elmore 2017-11-28 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Laura Elmore
Frosted Flakes and hot wheels. . . small items that were luxuries for my young sons when we were at the youth ranch.  These were in a gift package from a family that supported the ranch.   The items were not expensive, but the personal interest they reflected was priceless. Not a holiday goes by that Matt and Kenny don’t reminisce fondly about those gifts.  When I see a box of Frosted Flakes I remember the kindness that touched my sons by making possible something I could not provide. 
During this holiday season, we see many organizations like Boys and Girls Club, Frisco Family Services, and Toys for Tots sponsoring toy drives for under privileged children.  The toys are a help to families and children, but beyond the physical gift is the attention it represents.  For parents who struggle to provide necessities but want more for their children, the holidays are especially trying.  Every parent wants to bring joy to their child but circumstances sometimes make it impossible to provide more than the basic needs.  When we help them in that provision, we share a little of that pleasure. 
Our world moves so quickly that it is easy to miss those out of view; to overlook those who have little compared to us.  It’s all relative; there are always those with more, but do we remember those with less?  It’s not about the biggest or most expensive gift; it’s about one that is given with a desire to build up those who need help.  Every time I hear Matt and Kenny talk about that gift of Frosted Flakes and toys, I reflect on the kindness we received and it spurs me to look for ways to reflect that kindness to others.  Let's all seek ways to provide something special to someone.  
"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel".  Maya Angelou
President's Message Laura Elmore 2017-11-28 06:00:00Z 0
We were recently informed by Toyota Stadium that our meeting costs are increasing by 4 times the current rate, due to the high demand for the space.   A search committee is needed and Laura is seeking someone who can head the effort.  We have until February to make a permanent move, so a fast resolution is needed.
If you are willing to head this effort, please contact Laura Elmore at 214-457-4719 or
Looking for a space Laura Elmore 2017-11-28 06:00:00Z 0
Rotary International has a well-defined process for presidential progression and preparation, designed to assure consistent leadership for local clubs.  It starts 2 1/2 years before a President is installed, allowing time for learning processes, and preparation.  
It begins with President Nominee, elected 2 ½ years prior to stepping into the office.  During the first year, Rotary University is recommended, which is a 20-hour program over 4 Saturdays, instructing in the history and structure of Rotary International, our District and local club governance. 
Approximately 16 months prior to installation is President Elect Training School (PETS), presented over a 2 ½ day period. It’s an opportunity to learn more about district and local club leadership, plus meet and collaborate with other President Elects.  The classes presented by past and current presidents include district and international programs, events, meeting formats and other topics to help a President Elect formulate more detailed plans for their term. 
Before PETS, a President Elect will propose the officers with whom they desire to work.  That slate of officers goes to the Board of Directors in November prior to their July term, and then to the club for vote in December.  Along with the slate of officers, the five Directors are selected and together the incoming Board begins planning. 
It’s a process that seems a long time in the making, and yet passes rapidly as an incoming President gets ready to lead.  This month our club takes the step of voting on the proposed President Nominee for the next term.  From there we will hopefully work together to support his efforts and preparation.
Presidential Process Laura Elmore 2017-11-27 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Nov 27, 2017
Welcome back to Rotary; we hope that everyone had a blessed and memorable Thanksgiving holiday.  This week we have the opportunity to hear about the Frisco Bowl.  The bowl game is now owned and operated by ESPN Events, a division of ESPN, and is affiliated with the American Athletic Conference. ESPN Events has entered into a partnership with FC Dallas to host and manage the bowl game and its ancillary events through the 2019 game.  The inaugural bowl game will air on ESPN on Wednesday, Dec. 20, at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT from Toyota Stadium.  With less than 3 weeks to go, this will be an opportunity to learn about a new sports opportunity for our area.  
Next week's program will be an update on the Soccer Hall of Fall Museum which we are watching the construction out the window of the Toyota Stadium meeting site.   That same meeting will be at Crest Infiniti Event Center rather than Toyota Stadium.   
This Week in Rotary Laura Elmore 2017-11-27 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Nov 27, 2017
Great news!  Gary’s brother is a perfect 12 for 12 match for a bone marrow transplant.  Gary will be hospitalized the full month of December for preparation and in the process of the transplant.  His brother lives in Honolulu, but will be here 2 – 3 weeks for the procedure.  As we know more details we will pass these along.
Gary Carley Update Laura Elmore 2017-11-27 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Laura Elmore
Ian Riseley, Rotary International President was the guest of honor for the joint District 5790/5810 Foundation Festival on Saturday, November 18.   Laura and Bryan Elmore along with Jim and Jene Jensen represented our club.  
President Riseley shared some of his experiences with Foundation projects around the world including a grant which provided roofs to hurricane struck areas of the South Pacific.  As he stated, we are close to ending polio but must continue to work until it is completely eradicated.  To stop too soon would be disastrous as it would allow the disease to return and spread.  
A common question is, "what's next" after the End Polio campaign succeeds?  President Riseley assured guests that a committee is already investigating options for consideration as the international leadership knows that selecting the next focus is key to our continued impact.  It will be a couple of years before more information is available to Rotarians, but various diseases and issues are being reviewed and contemplated.  
Dual District Dinner Laura Elmore 2017-11-20 06:00:00Z 0
Rotary International Foundation celebration was last Thursday's meeting, led by Brandy Miles, our Foundation Chair.  The presentation included a reminder of the many projects the Foundation supports, including End Polio, providing clean water, supporting education, saving mothers and children, promoting peace, fighting disease, and growing local economies.  With a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, over 90% of all funds donated to Rotary Foundation support programs.  Every Rotarian is encouraged to support the foundation and its many service projects worldwide, including the Nicaragua water project in which our club is involved. 
The address ended with Paul Harris Fellow presentations to Bryan Elmore, Mark Heuchert, Elliot Jolesch, Chris Kesterson and Steve Weible.  Brandy Miles also received her Paul Harris Fellow in appreciation for her service to our club in the Farmer’s Market, and Foundation. 
In Case You Missed Us Laura Elmore 2017-11-20 06:00:00Z 0
“O say can you see” are the words that come to mind every time I view the flags at Frisco Commons and Warren Park that are deployed by our club for every national holiday.  Steve Weible, our Flag Committee Chair, developed a partnership with Young Men’s Service League, which has expanded our influence with today’s youth.  This is a natural collaboration and
will hopefully plant seeds for future membership. 
If you have not participated in the flag program, it will be May before we have another opportunity but you are encouraged to bring your family to join this celebration of our country’s rich heritage and freedom. 
"O Say Can You See" 2017-11-20 06:00:00Z 0
If you missed the margarita get-together at the home of Jim and Jene Jensen, you missed a fun time with Rotarians and spouses.  Jim's reputation as an expert strawberry margarita artist is well earned and the assortment of snacks contributed by guests went beyond what we could consume.  The food, conversation and pleasure were as abundant as the margaritas.  Stay tuned for our next gathering and don't miss the fun!
PS:  Jim took the left-over food to the local fire house where it was gratefully accepted; it's nice to know we can serve our local first responders even in absentia.  
A Good Time. . . Laura Elmore 2017-11-20 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Laura Elmore
Thanksgiving 2005 started like most as I woke early to complete the preparations for our family celebration.  As I stumbled towards the kitchen and my first cup of coffee, I was surprised by an unknown young man asleep on our family room sofa.  I continued into the kitchen and tried to keep the noise to a minimum.  About an hour later, the young man came around the corner and introduced himself as a member of our son Kenny’s Marine unit.  Over coffee I learned more about Josh, including that his Mom left when he was a teen, escaping an abusive relationship.  Josh and his alcoholic father had a troubled connection, with Josh often acting as the parent to protect his father from the bad decisions of his alcohol abuse. 
Kenny joined us, and when Josh went to shower, Kenny explained that at the Marine center the night before, he learned that Josh had no family with which to share the holiday, and invited him home.  This was not an uncommon practice; our sons grew up with over 100 foster teens rotating through our family and both were known for bringing home what we affectionately called their “strays”.  To us that is a term of endearment, as once in our home, they were no longer strangers but part of the extended family. 
Josh stayed with us through much of the day, but insisted on going to his father rather than joining us for Thanksgiving dinner.  With a bag of food over his arm, he left with our thoughts and prayers for the troubled time ahead.  We’ve only seen Josh a couple of times since, but always remember him at Thanksgiving and wonder how he’s doing.   
I contrast that to Thanksgiving 2004, which came just 2 weeks after the death of our close friend, John.  With two adult sons, I assumed that Ann would spend Thanksgiving with one of their families.  I was horrified the day after to learn that she was alone as evidently both sons assumed the other had her.  Had I known she was alone, an invitation to our family would have been extended.  Since that time, I have never let a holiday go by without assuring that Ann has plans not to be alone.
My son taught me a valuable lesson that our holiday is Thanksgiving; not thanks-keeping.  Let’s give of ourselves by looking for those in our periphery who may be alone.  Maybe it’s the single parent and children, or an older person with family far away.  Elaborate meals are not important; rather, time and concern.  Take a minute, think about those individuals and make that call.  Even if they turn you down, that call will bring joy and give you something meaningful as a result. 
President's Message Laura Elmore 2017-11-19 06:00:00Z 0
Our project of the month until Christmas is to provide games for the YMCA to augment their youth programs.  We are presenting the games and recreation supplies to Bill Markell this week.  Thank you for everyone who has responded and contributed to the project.  
Project of the Month Laura Elmore 2017-11-13 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Nov 13, 2017
Safety Town Holiday Lights set up will be Saturday, December 2.  Join us to share the holiday decorating with the children in our city.  
The annual club meeting to present the proposed Board roster for 2017-18 is scheduled for Thursday, December 14 during our usual meeting time.  Please plan to attend and cast your vote for the proposed leadership: President Nominee Will Russell, Secretary Elliot Jolesch, Sgt of Arms Ernest Myers and Treasurer Mike Barber. 
Rotary Happenings Laura Elmore 2017-11-13 06:00:00Z 0
The Grand Marshall’s Award winner:  Frisco Rotary and Interact float in the November 11 Community Parade.  Congratulations to Jon Kendall, Rene McGruder and our Interact Club on their outstanding work!  The design was developed by the Interact membership to reflect the hands across the world of service provided by Rotary.  The Rotary and Interact logos were front and center with globes and handprints lining the float.  The hand prints were traced from Interact members’ hands and signed. 
Approximately 35 Interact and Rotary members worked for 2 evenings at the home of Jon and Joselyn Kendall to prepare the float.  Most of the same students were accompanied by Laura Elmore, Will Russell and Rene McGruder for the parade while the float was driven by Jon.
Thank you, Will Russell, for negotiating a great deal on 45 bags of candy, which along with the 15 other bags provided by members, were distributed across the parade route.
Special thanks, too, to Jim and Jean Jensen, for coming in support of the kids before the parade and to Glenn Hunihan for letting us share him with Relo.  A special note of appreciation to teacher Kimberly Church, Interact advisor from Lebanon Trails High School, for her presence and guidance through out the process.
And the Winner Is . . . Laura Elmore 2017-11-13 06:00:00Z 0
November 11 held many commemorations for me.  A friend’s son had his Bat Mitzvah in Houston; a nephew got married in Tulsa; a friend’s memorial service was in Indianapolis, and it was Veteran’s Day on which we celebrated with our Community Parade. Bryan and I wanted to be in Houston, Tulsa, Indianapolis and here; deciding between them was difficult.
Aside from Bryan and I, what common link do these occasions have? Isaac Fein, the young man coming of age, is the grandson of two Holocaust survivors. His grandparents were liberated by American troops, met in a displaced persons camp in Germany, married, immigrated to America and raised their family.  In lieu of gifts, Isaac requested donations to Disabled American Veterans as an expression of his strong appreciation for the sacrifices of our country’s veterans.  Michael Ferguson, my nephew, is the first second-generation member of the Broken Arrow, OK police department, following in his father (my brother)’s footsteps.  They both believe that evil will flourish when good men do nothing and daily risk their lives to protect and serve.  James He, the Chinese missionary, was the husband of a young lady from an Indianapolis church where Bryan pastored.  James and Kristen met when she was serving in China. He became an American citizen while attending seminary in the US and had a great appreciation for the benefits of citizenship, especially the freedom to worship God as we choose.  He and Kristen served in China until he was diagnosed three years ago with stage 4 lung cancer; they returned to the US for treatment and he died two weeks ago. 
In a similar way, November 13 is a momentous day, as our younger son, Kenny was born 34 years ago.  Our closest friend, John Shelton, also died unexpectedly on this day 8 years ago. As we waited for word that John was in recovery to have a celebratory birthday dinner, we instead left the hospital in shock and grief.  In some people’s minds this might mar the date for us, and Ann, John’s widow.  Rather, it is an unexpected blessing that each year as we celebrate Kenny’s birth, we are reminded of John’s impact as Kenny’s Godfather, mentor and our dear friend. 
All these loved ones believe in the best of America and strive to continue the heritage of freedom, capitalism, service and sacrifice our forefathers provided.   Their lives remind me of the value of connections and the sacrifice required to retain our freedom.  Freedom is not free; it cost the lives, fortunes, and effort of millions.  May we never take it for granted, any more than we should take for granted our loved ones.  Let us, rather, remember to celebrate daily the many blessings we have--that of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the pleasure of relationships. 
President's Message Laura Elmore 2017-11-13 06:00:00Z 0
Jim and Jean Jensen are hosting a get together Thursday, November 16 at 5:30- 7 with strawberry margaritas on the agenda.  Rumor has it that Jim is a margarita aficionado, so bring a snack or nibble and join us for happy hour.  Jensen home address:  12874 Belle Isle Ln, Frisco
Margaritaville Laura Elmore 2017-11-13 06:00:00Z 0
Looking for the holiday gift that lasts beyond the day, or week?  Give the gift of a Rotary donation in honor of a loved one.  A donation to the Rotary International foundation will provide clean water, literacy, polio immunizations, childhood vaccinations, funding for small businesses in third world countries and more.  Consider a gift to Rotary Foundation for holidays, tributes and memorials and allow your appreciation to expand across the globe.  Contact Brandy Miles for more details. 
The Gift that Keeps on Giving Laura Elmore 2017-11-12 06:00:00Z 0
Last week we heard from Tommy Benizio and Darius Fudge Of Texas Revolution, Frisco’s indoor football league.  Their season runs Apr – June at Dr Pepper Arena and sound like they are exciting.  As Tommy said, “the balls and players end up in the stands.  Fans get to keep the balls but have to return the players.” Our club has an offer of half-price tickets for group attendance and the Social Committee hopes to schedule a game next spring.
The same meeting included Students of the Month from Wakeland High School, both of whom are members of their Interact Club.  Not only is it encouraging to see the excellence of our local students, but Rotary influence with the next generation should encourage us all in the efforts of our Youth Committee. 
In Case You Missed Us Laura Elmore 2017-11-12 06:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Club of Frisco Flag Program is about giving back to our community.  For national holidays we place over 150 flags in 2 city parks to keep the American spirit front and center.  
Last Saturday a group of members met at Sunbelt Plastics, our flag storage warehouse, to repair and replace about 100 flags.  These flags are deployed at local parks for national holidays and have to be replaced periodically due to the wear and tear they receive from the weather.  Thank you to Steve Weible for leading this effort and to Ted Barrett, Art Bourgeault, Al Brewster, Bernie Gillette, Glenn Hunihan, Jim Jensen, Chris Johnson, Mike Simpson, Ronan and Stefanie Wagoner and Mike Yarborogh for your time in keeping this important community service functioning smoothly.  
Monday late afternoon a group of members were joined by members of the Young Men's Service League to deploy the flags for the last time this year.  These flags need to be picked up and stored on Sunday, November 12.  You are invited to bring family and friends at 5 pm to help with this important service.  God Bless America!  
Flag Program 2017-11-07 06:00:00Z 0
For the thousands of people diagnosed every year with life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, a cure exists. Over the past 25 years Be The Match ® , operated by the National Marrow Donor Program ®  (NMDP), has managed the largest and most diverse marrow registry in the world. We work every day to save lives through transplant.  
The global transplant network includes more than 488 leading centers worldwide, including transplant centers, cooperative registries and cord blood banks.
Our own Gary Carley is currently fighting leukemia and may need a marrow transplant in the future, which brings this closer to home.  Many of us have already registered with Be the Match, but for those who have not, this week Mark Heuchert will have the cheek swabs and paperwork necessary to join.  It's a simple process: swab your inner cheek and submit the swab with the information form.  You are then entered into the national database and available as a possible resource to those in need.  
We look forward to providing this opportunity to members to make a difference.  
Opportunity to Give 2017-11-06 06:00:00Z 0
Frisco Fast Pacs wants to ensure that no child in Frisco has to endure hunger when school is not in session. Caring for kids, one pack at a time. Every week throughout the school year, we deliver individual pre-packed bags to FISD schools that include enough food for 7 meals for each qualifying child for them to eat over the weekend at home.  They began in 2013 with 1 school and 32 kids; currently they are in 42 Frisco ISD schools and are feeding close to 700 children.  Our Club plans to have a packing day project in early 2018; stay tuned for more details.  If you desire to donate or help this organization, check them out at: 
Last Saturday a group of members met at Sunbelt Plastics, our flag storage warehouse, to repair and replace about 100 flags.  These flags are deployed at local parks for national holidays and have to be replaced periodically due to the wear and tear they receive from the weather.  Thank you to Steve Weible for leading this effort and to Ted Barrett, Art Bourgeault, Al Brewster, Bernie Gillette, Glenn Hunihan, Jim Jensen, Chris Johnson, Mike Simpson, Ronan and Stefanie Wagoner and Mike Yarborogh for your time in keeping this important community service functioning smoothly.  
Preparations for the Community Parade float are being coordinated by Jon Kendall and Rene McGruder, in conjunction with our Interact members.  Last Thursday there was a planning session to finalize the float design and to develop a plan of attack.  Join us this Thursday at 6 pm at the home of Jon Kendall, to build the float.  
In Case You Missed Us 2017-11-06 06:00:00Z 0
Hurricanes, floods, hunger, abuse, illiteracy, terror. . . the list continues to a point that it can become overwhelming.  There are many needs and many ways in which we can serve, individually and corporately.  The question becomes, how and where best to serve?  Where can our time, talent and treasure be applied for the best “return on investment” to use a business term?  The answers are as varied as our membership. 
November is Foundation Month for Rotary International, a time to highlight the work of the foundation established in 1917.  One of the benefits of Foundation support is the diversity of projects it assists: providing clean water, fighting disease, improving maternal and child health, supporting education, improving local economies and promoting peace.  More than 90% of the funds paid to the Foundation goes directly to the projects with less than 10% used for overhead. 
There are only 24 hours in the day, which are divided between work, family, church and home.  With the remaining hours, I am often torn between the many ways in which I can serve.  I’d like to clone myself so more needs can be met, and through organizations like the Rotary Foundation, I feel like that is almost possible.  I can’t be in India, Nicaragua, Africa and Syria, but the Foundation is providing for needs in each location.  Even as they are working to End Polio, they are also helping to stop the spread of Ebola, intestinal infections and other diseases through clean water to remote regions; maternal and infant disease and deaths are also being reduced due to their work. 
“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility,” said Eleanor Roosevelt.  We face multiple choices daily; where we choose to give and volunteer is a choice that impacts far beyond ourselves.  The Rotary Foundation is one organization I choose to support so they can multiply my effectiveness.  I hope you will join me in adding it to your support list as well. 
President's Message Laura Elmore 2017-11-06 06:00:00Z 0
Our speaker this week is Tommy Benizio, CEO of Texas Revolution.  Team majority shareholder Tommy Benizio spearheads the Texas Revolution organization as the team’s CEO following a four year stint as the Indoor Football League’s first Commissioner. Prior to being named Commissioner, Benizio was the owner and operator of both the Intense Football League and the Odessa Roughnecks for five seasons, winning Franchise of the Year and Executive of the Year awards for his work with the team. Benizio brings over two decades of experience in the operation of professional minor league sports franchises, getting his start in the early 1990’s as a player for the ECHL’s Roanoke Valley Rampage. Following his brief professional hockey career, he took a position in the front office of the ECHL’s Roanoke team. From that point on he worked hard at every position he held, while earning promotions through professional hockey teams in Dayton, OH, Baton Rouge, LA, Tucson, AZ, El Paso, TX, and Knoxville, TN. During his second stint with the team in Roanoke, Benizio served as a founding member of the af2 while operating both the hockey and football franchises. The dedicated professional continues to contribute to the success of the Revolution with great leadership and passion. He resides in downtown Dallas with his wife Jessica and daughter Giuliana.
Future presentations include Rotary Foundation update,  Frisco Bowl and Frisco Arts Organization.  If you have ideas for future programs, pass that along to Tony Felker or Laura Elmore.  Don't forget to invite your friends and colleagues for our meetings; it's a great way to see what Rotary is about.  
Programs Laura Elmore 2017-11-06 06:00:00Z 0
We are back at Crest Infiniti Event Center this week at:
6100 TX Hwy 121.  
See you there!
Venue Change This Week 2017-11-06 06:00:00Z 0
Dream Team--a term we used to refer to everything from football to baseball, actors and politicians.  Yet to me, "Dream Team" brings to mind our members who give to the community in so many ways.  
As I prepare the power point for each week's meeting and assemble the calendar of events, I'm amazed by the number of ways we serve in the community.  It's a joy to arrive at a work day, for example, and find that the work is finishing and my participation is not needed.  Some may consider that a "cameo appearance" -- that I'm not there for the actual work.  However, I know that because of the involvement of our membership, I'm not needed to do it all.  
One of the best pieces of advice I received years ago, when Bryan and I first started a new ministry, was "if you do everything, then no one else can do anything".  The leader who is irreplaceable, and leads an organization that cannot function without that person, is weak.  It brings me great joy to know that there are Citizen of the Quarter presentations, Interact meetings, Flag deployments, community service projects and even meetings taking place whether I am there or not.  My role is to support and guide the big picture and not to have my fingers in every pie.  
If I could, I'd be at every work day, every event, every project and every social.  However, I am only 1 person and I have work, family and marriage commitments that sometimes take precedence.   It's a blessing to me to know that our Dream Team of members are there, carrying the torch of Rotary and making a difference.  Thank you, Dream Team!  
President's Message Laura Elmore 2017-11-06 06:00:00Z 0
Have you ever had cold feet, especially in the winter?  Imagine dealing with that year round due to poor circulation and you have an idea of what those who are helped by Camp Craig Allen face on a continuing basis.  Physical limitations that inhibit mobility result in poor blood circulation, especially in the feet and legs.  Our project of the Month is to provide socks and lap blankets for Camp Craig Allen to distribute.  Please look for items to share; Target dollar bins often have options available that would be helpful.  
Project of the Month 2017-10-23 05:00:00Z 0
Posted on Oct 23, 2017
October 27:  Safety Town Trick-or-Treat:  our club will be distributing 2,000+ books to kids, so keep that costume handy and come for the fun of watching the kids enjoy their new book!  We are always one of the favorite stops for the participants. . . we are expanding our set up this year to help with the bottle neck, in fact.  Our Interact kids have signed up to help but we need Rotarians to lead the efforts.  Bill Markell is coordinating volunteers; a background check is required so see him to get the form submitted immediately.  
Community Parade:  Save the date of November 11 for our parade participation.  We will have our float representing Rotary, with brochures and candy to distribute to the crowds.  WORK DAY: October 26 at 5 pm at the home of Jon Kendall, 13553 Valley Mills Drive.  The Interact group will be there to work with our members to begin the float.  Please contact Jon for further details.  
Flag work day:  Our flags need some attention after a summer of exposure to the Texas sun and wind. On Saturday November 4th at the flag warehouse (Sunbelt Plastics at 8940 Alpha Avenue) Steve Weible will host a repair/replace  day to change out the worn flags.  He'll be there from 9 am until completed; please stop by to help for all or part of that time.  
If you have projects coming up, please let Laura know so the information can be disseminated.  

Rotary Happenings Laura Elmore 2017-10-23 05:00:00Z 0
Our speaker this week is Frisco ISD Superintendent Mike Waldrip.  
In coming weeks we will have FastPacs and the CEO of Texas Revolution.  If you have ideas for future programs, pass that along to Tony Felker or Laura Elmore.  Don't forget to invite your friends and colleagues for our meetings; it's a great way to see what Rotary is about.  
Programs 10-23-17 Laura Elmore 2017-10-23 05:00:00Z 0
Last week our club had committee meetings which allowed all committees working on various aspects of club involvement to catch up and continue progress on various areas of service.  The response has been positive to having this opportunity as it is difficult to schedule additional time for committee meetings.  
Among the topics covered were an update from the Fundraising Committee chaired by Chris Johnson.  They have worked diligently to narrow options to 2 preferred opportunities for next spring as:  1) Harlem Globetrotters basketball game and 2) Magic Show.  The basketball game is a program that many other Rotary clubs have used for raising funds and community awareness.  We are currently seeking dates and venue; the next steps will be to form a local team to play the Globetrotters in an exhibition game.  The Magic Show is an opportunity that will also draw families from the community and spread information on our work in the community.  Specific details are still under review.  If you are interested in participating in the planning for either of these projects, please contact Chris Johnson.   
At the Board of Directors Meeting a partnership agreement with Four Seasons Markets was also approved for next year's Farmers Market.  The last market for this season was October 21; more information as we move forward with Four Seasons will be provided.  The partnership will allow the market to continue under our leadership, but bring their expertise and management to aid.  
In Case You Missed Us Laura Elmore 2017-10-23 05:00:00Z 0
This just in from Audie Adkins: “The Good news is that my incision is almost healed.  The Bad news is my reconstructed left breast has become infected. I have been on 2 different antibiotics but the infection is not getting better. I will have surgery tomorrow to find out what is going on at UT Southwestern’s Clements Hospital.   I will be admitted today to begin IV antibiotics and then to have surgery tomorrow.”
Please keep Audie and Larry in your thoughts and prayers; we will send an update when available. 
Audie Adkins update 2017-10-23 05:00:00Z 0
In case you were out last week, we had Michael Grant of Shelterbox USA as our program.  Shelterbox is a Rotary International partner program that offers temporary shelter for people displaced by natural or man made disasters.  Their boxes are $1,000 each and include tent, tools, lighting, rope, tarp, stove, cooking equipment; everything a family needs to survive.  They have been in the Caribbean since Harvey, Irma and Maria; they are in Somalia and Syria on a long term basis.  The organization is primarily volunteer driven, with 97% of donations going directly to the provisions.  If you have missed the presentation, I encourage you to look at their website at:  Hopefully, we can partner by providing funds to assist in their work.  
Last week we also hosted Students of the Month from Centennial High School with their principal, Alicia Maphies.  As always, it was encouraging to hear from 2 of the outstanding students in Frisco ISD.  
In Case You Missed Us Laura Elmore 2017-10-16 05:00:00Z 0
Our most recent Project of the Month was to re-stock the Frisco Family Services Food Pantry, which was depleted due to the increased demand created by people displaced by Hurricane Harvey, among other events. 
It's a pleasure to report that we raised enough funds to provide:

60 Boxes Mac & Cheese, 50 boxes potatoes, 40 rice meals, 30 hamburger helper meals, 10 ketchup, 10 mustard, 15 jellies,  12 oatmeal packages, 20 pounds sugar, 20 pounds flour, 20 pounds macaroni, 12 muffin mixes and more!  This is a help to those who are in need; thank you.  

Frisco Family Services Food Bank Laura Elmore 2017-10-16 05:00:00Z 0
When was the last time you really looked at the Rotary symbol?   As I reflect on the many pieces of our club, I realize how appropriate it is to have a wheel with spokes.  All the pieces are based on the common center which is service above self; the application of that service varies from that common source. 
Our club has multiple applications of that principle: youth scholarships, promoting citizenship, encouraging service in the next generation; in short, raising leaders.  We help in community projects like the food bank, Boys and Girls Club, Camp Craig Allen, YMCA, Frisco Family Services; support of community events like Pioneer Days, Trick or Treat at Safety Town, the Community Parade.  Our international support is still in its fledgling stages with last year’s Nicaragua trip; we hope to expand by joining forces with other clubs in their work. 
The Farmer’s Market is an example of how those spokes work together – we are providing a community support by making it possible.  It also provides funds that allow our support of other activities. I am establishing a Special Committee to consider the options of how best to use the funds we raise.  We receive a lot of requests for funds ranging from small to large; how do we determine where those should be applied?  I have asked Chris Johnson to head this group to establish a format under which we best consider these requests and prioritize them. 
Back to the wheel:  have you looked closely at the center of the wheel around which the spokes revolve?  It requires a key to unlock and you are the key.  It is up to each of us to choose how we unlock the key to our Rotary involvement.  Have you found your fit?  If not, I’d welcome the opportunity to have coffee and talk about the possibilities.
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Posted on Oct 16, 2017
Farmers Market Saturday 6:30 am set up - 1 pm tear down.   This is the last market under our current agreement before possibly going into partnership with Four Seasons Market.  Go to:   Mark Heuchert and Brandy Miles
Halloween Costume Party October 20 at Stefanie Wagoner's home 7 - 8:30 pm.  Dress up with your significant other, bring a favorite treat (food or otherwise) and let's enjoy some spook-tacular social time!  Kids are welcome--there will be movies and activities to include them.  
Safety Town Trick-or-Treat:  our club will be distributing 2,000+ books to kids, so keep that costume handy and come for the fun of watching the kids enjoy their new book!  We are always one of the favorite stops for the participants. . . we are expanding our set up this year to help with the bottle neck, in fact.  Our Interact kids have signed up to help but we need Rotarians to lead the efforts.  Bill Markell is coordinating volunteers; a background check is required so see him to get the form submitted immediately.  
Community Parade:  Save the date of November 11 for our parade participation.  We will have our float representing Rotary, with brochures and candy to distribute to the crowds.  More details to come.  
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This week we are working on the spokes of our wheels, with committee meetings taking the place of our speaker time.  Our committee chairs will be ready to use the time to update and discuss the various options we have open to our club.  
Future programs include Frisco ISD Superintendent Mike Waldrip, FastPacs and Texas Revolution CEO.  If you have ideas for future programs, pass that along to Tony Felker or Laura Elmore.  Don't forget to invite your friends and colleagues for our meetings; it's a great way to see what Rotary is about.  
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Posted by Laura Elmore
Silly as a goose or not?
The saying “silly as a goose” is one we’ve all heard, but this week I learned some things about geese that cause me to wonder how accurate that statement may be.  Here are some things we can learn from geese:
  1. As geese fly in formation, the aerodynamics orientation reduces air friction, and as a result, the whole flock achieves a 70-75% greater flying range than if each bird flew alone.  I use the acronym for team of Together Everyone Achieves More which is the principle the geese illustrate.   Our club makes more of a difference if we work together than any of us can achieve individually.  
  2. The lead goose focuses on setting the pace and navigating for the group.  The position rotates periodically, and the lead drops back into the formation.  As in every good organization, responsibility is shared and rotates from time to time.  It is important to empower others to lead, providing opportunities to mentor those who will lead in the future.  No one in our organization should be indispensable; we should each be seeking others to replace us.  Our club is fortunate to have a group of past and current leaders who support one another.  Stefanie, Josh, Mark, Dawn and I try to meet monthly, which provides input from 2 past Presidents, current President, President elect and President nominee for continuity in leadership.  I benefit from Stefanie's and Josh’s input and hopefully provide similar help to Mark and Dawn as they prepare for their year as President.
  3. The honking you hear as they fly comes not from the leader but from the geese in formation.  It lets the leader know they are following, and maybe provides encouragement to the leader to continue the pace.  Praise and encouragement are things we all benefit from receiving; let’s not forget to thank those around us for the efforts they expend to benefit our Club. 
  4. When a goose is sick or wounded, two geese drop out of formation and follow it to help and protect it, remaining with the injured goose until death or the ability to fly again. Then, they join another formation or re-join their flock. That's a beautiful  picture of the help we all need during difficult times, whether short or long term.  One of our club's goals is to provide that help to our members and extended families.  
  5. The geese migration routes never vary from year to year.  The flock members may change, but the basic route remains.  Our core purpose—service above self—is constant and has been for the 32 years of this club’s existence.  How that purpose is fulfilled; for and with whom, may change, but the core purpose and values remain constant.
All told, I find encouraging reminders of how we can best form our club to reach our intended destination--making a difference.  
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Join us this week to learn about Shelterbox USA , a Rotary International partner program.  Laura and Mark Heuchert first saw Shelterbox in the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta last summer and immediately asked to be on their presentation list in the belief that our club will want to share in their work.  
Shelterbox provides emergency shelter, tools and life needs for families displaced by disaster or war.  They are currently coordinating the provision of aid across six countries, including Antigua and Barbuda, the Dominican Republic, Dominica and the British Virgin Islands.  They are also assisting victims of the monsoons in Bangladesh and Nepal as well as those displaced by the conflict in Syria and other countries.  
Future programs include Frisco ISD Superintendent Mike Waldrip, FastPacs and Texas Revolution CEO.  If you have ideas for future programs, pass that along to Tony Felker or Laura Elmore.  
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Posted on Oct 09, 2017
Interact meeting at CATE Center will be working on designs for our Community Parade float.  Jon Kendall has graciously offered to lead the efforts to coordinate between Rotary and Interact on putting the design into action.  Stay tuned for more details on work days and ways to be a part of the parade float preparations and presentation.  Rene McGruder and Jon Kendall
Farmers Market Saturday 6:30 am set up - 1 pm tear down.   Two more markets until we complete this season--come join the fun if you have not been there yet.  Go to:   Mark Heuchert and Brandy Miles
Halloween Costume Party October 20 at Stefanie Wagoner's home 7 - 8:30 pm.  Dress up with your significant other, bring a favorite treat (food or otherwise) and let's enjoy some spook-tacular social time!  Kids welcome too.  
Safety Town Trick-or-Treat:  our club will be distributing 2,000+ books to kids, so keep that costume handy and come for the fun of watching the kids enjoy their new book!  We are always one of the favorite stops for the participants. . . we are expanding our set up this year to help with the bottle neck, in fact.  Our Interact kids have signed up to help but we need Rotarians to lead the efforts.  Bill Markell is coordinating volunteers; a background check is required so see him to get the form submitted immediately.  
Community Parade:  Save the date of November 11 for our parade participation.  We will have our float representing Rotary, with brochures and candy to distribute to the crowds.  More details to come.  
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Posted on Oct 02, 2017
Fire Chief Mark Piland is our speaker this week, to update us on trends within our growing community's emergency response providers.  
Next week we have Shelter Box, a Rotary International partner organization, which provides shelter for persons displaced through natural disasters or conflict.  
October 19 our meeting will be devoted to committee meetings so we can update member involvement in the various projects of the club.  We have important decisions pending in the next month for Farmers Market and Fundraising, so please come prepared to participate.  
As always, you are encouraged to invite friends and colleagues to our meetings to hear these dynamic speakers and learn more about Rotary.  Who knows, they may be interested in joining!  
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Posted on Oct 02, 2017
Safety Town Trick-of-Treat book sort and label party will be Tuesday, October 3 at 5 - 6:30 pm at CATE Center.  Interact members will be working on the project and Rotary members are encouraged to bring their families to help.  Pizza is on the agenda, too, so be a part of the preparation for Trick or Treat at Safety Town.  
Farmers Market Saturday 6:30 am set up - 1 pm tear down.    If you can work, go to:
Mark Heuchert and Brandy Miles
This Week in Rotary 10-2-17 Laura Elmore 2017-10-02 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Laura Elmore
Narrowing the Choices
Opportunities abound as we make a difference in our community and around the world.  In the last two weeks alone we were approached to sponsor Frisco Pioneer Days; a representative from Frisco ISD contacted me with a need for bicycle for a physically disabled student to ride tandem with family members plus some international projects.  Emails arrive a couple of times a week with requests; narrowing those to what we can really do with the time and funds available is a continuing process.  
Service above self is the Rotary motto and our primary limitation to increased service is manpower.  There is a common belief in volunteer organizations that 80% of the work is accomplished by 20% of the people. The volunteer sign-up sheets we’ve been completing indicate that we have 83% of the club involved to some degree over the last 90 days.
Of course, that indicates that 27% of the club is not involved in service (or not completing the form).  What is keeping members from participating in service?  Lack of time or lack of interest or commitment to the projects in which our club is involved?  I want to know as my #1 goal as President is to increase service participation to 95% during my term.  For those of you who have not served on a project, I would welcome your input as to what is keeping you from serving.  No recrimination or hassle; I just would like to know how we can improve the opportunities we offer to members. 
An example is the Citizen of the Quarter program and Interact.  We have been approached several times by elementary and middle school principals, and parents to expand the program to the schools which do not have it.  Since this school term began, I have received over eight requests for this expansion and our reason for turning down those requests is lack of members willing to assist.  
Open World is another great opportunity to work with international guests to build their knowledge of civic and business matters in the US.  This creates relationships with our guests that will foster better international understanding and possible future projects.   Please consider hosting members of this delegation or helping to coordinate connections to add value to their time in Frisco.
I always welcome your thoughts and input; please reach out as I will make time for coffee or lunch to talk about any concerns or ideas you have as to how to expand what we are doing to make a difference.   
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Posted by Laura Elmore
Open World 2018
The Open World Program is available to Rotary clubs in the United States, and provides an opportunity to build fellowship and friendship to strengthen international understanding by hosting emerging Eurasian leaders from various countries. A club hosts six-participant delegations for eight days and nights and prepares a professional program related to business, community, and civic life in the United States.
The program focuses primarily on helping a network of leaders with an understanding of how American communities deal with contemporary issues. Often, these collaborations lead to service projects between Rotary clubs in the two countries.

We need to determine if our club is interested in hosting six Open World participants for eight days, and willing to develop an intensive week of programs based on a selected Open World theme. Specifically, we need: 1) 6 host families for 8 nights, 2) a coordinator to oversee the schedule of events and meetings, 3) help scheduling meetings for specific topics of interest.
The targeted dates we are considering are May 4 – 12, 2018 with topics of citizen engagement in legal reform and child welfare including foster care and adoption.  This would be hosting a group from the Ukraine. 
Please let President Laura know immediately if you are willing and able to participate in any of these details for the Open World program.  A decision needs to be reached by October 15.   
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Posted on Sep 25, 2017
Citizen of the Quarter will be at Bright Elementary School on September 25 and at Vaughn Elementary School on September 29.  This program recognizes 1 student from each class (as selected by their teacher) who best exemplifies the principles of Rotary. During a weekly assembly the students receive a certificate and Rotary coin from a club member and featured speaker.  
Interact kick off is Tuesday, September 26 at CATE Center at 5 pm.  If you have a teen or know any teen aged 13 - 18, please invite or bring them to the meeting.  Interact is the youth arm of Rotary, and the aim is to instill the Rotary values and service mentality in the next generation.  We can also use more adults to participate; it requires nothing more than a love for Rotary and enjoyment of kids.   
Farmers Market Saturday 6:30 am set up - 1 pm tear down.    If you can work, go to:
Mark Heuchert and Brandy Miles
Interact Leadership Summit is Saturday, September 30 9 am - 3 pm at Collin College Spring Creek campus.  Drivers may be needed; if you are available, please contact Rene McGruder.  
This Week in Rotary 9-25-17 Laura Elmore 2017-09-25 05:00:00Z 0
Good things are on the horizon; some new and some that are old favorites.  
Safety Town Trick or Treat is October 27 6 - 9 pm.  Once again we have received 2,000 books from Half Price Books store, and will be distributing these.  Our booth is always a highlight to participants and their parents and it's a fun chance to enjoy them.  We will have a sorting and labeling party with Interact on Tuesday, October 3 at 5 - 6:30 at CATE Center.  Bring your kids and come for all or part of that time (there may be pizza!)
Farmer's Market has been negotiating with Four Seasons Market for several months for possible partnership.  After lengthy discussions and due diligence investigation, an agreement has been roughed out and reviewed by two attorneys in our club.  The Farmers Market committee has reviewed and agreed to move forward with the agreement which will be emailed to all members in the coming week.  All members are asked to read and consider the agreement and submit andy questions, concerns or feedback to Mark Heuchert or Laura Elmore. The Board of Directors will make a  decision on October 19.  
Good Things Laura Elmore 2017-09-24 05:00:00Z 0
Last Saturday, President Laura and Rene McGruder enjoyed the District Awards Dinner.  Among the many awards presented, Rene received a Star Award for Youth Service.  Her nomination reads as follows:
“Rene has worked tirelessly to expand our Citizen of the Quarter program, which was in four schools when she began, and is now in six elementary schools locally.  She is training six members to have full responsibility for that quarterly program, expanding the membership involvement and engagement.   
In addition, Rene has built Interact from one school under our Club's mantle to two clubs, one of which is inclusive of all high schools in Frisco ISD.  This group started with 10 students, and ended the year with over 30.  At our August leadership meeting, we had over a dozen teens on the leadership group alone, planning for the coming year events.  We anticipate a large group this year that includes all high schools and is building relationships that extend beyond individual school boundaries.  
As part of this effort, Rene has worked with school counselors and now has two FISD representatives from different schools as permanent members of her team.  In addition, there is a second Interact Club she oversees at a local middle school, which is feeding into the high school level club seamlessly.   As she continues to expand membership involvement, we hope to expand the middle school program. 
Our Club also has a high school scholarship program she oversees, working with the Club Scholarship Coordinator to assure it is inclusive and handled according to the charter.  
As Youth Services Chair, Rene also works with the Four Way Speech Contest, assuring that a Club Member is coordinating in a timely manner.  Further, she oversees responsibility for the RYLA participant selection from our Club and when we have more qualified participants than we can send, she refers them to other clubs.  For example, this year, we had three superbly qualified young men and could only send two.  Rather than keep the third as our alternate, Rene provided him to our sister club in Frisco, and as a result, he participated as their representative. 
Aside from her Club activities in Youth, Rene is also involved at the District level.  This year she served as RYLA Treasurer and participated in RYLA as an adult leader at camp.  Her connection and relationship with the teens and adults involved continues to expand and nurture the involvement of all. 
Rene encompasses all aspects of the Four Way Test, and represents the best of consensus building and leadership.  Her example of building bridges between schools, as well as between Rotary Clubs, is one that befits the best of the Rotary principles and the Star Award.”   Congratulations Rene!
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Posted by Laura Elmore
There is a story of a water bearer in ancient times who carried two pots of water daily on a shoulder brace.  One pot was pristine and the other had a crack which allowed water to leak during transport.  For many months, the man carried the water from the well to his home daily with 1 pot arriving full and the other with about 80% of the water.  The cracked pot felt inferior about the crack and its failure to provide the same value as the perfect pot, and finally spoke to the man. “I am embarrassed and sad that my crack means I do not have the same value as your other pot; maybe you should replace me”, said the pot. To which his owner replied, “You do not see that along the path on your side are flowers which have flourished due to the water your crack provides. Those flowers provide beauty and pleasure to me and many others, as well as nectar to the bees which they use to make honey.”  Which pot has the higher value?
We all have cracks or flaws in our lives; some more than others and some more obvious than others. Regardless, we all have a choice of focusing on the negative of those cracks, or looking for the positive. In my own life I know that my failings can loom larger than successes while in others I see the good more rapidly than the downfalls.  
There was another item carried in pots in ancient times: coals.  The coals were to start new fires or light their way.  I encourage everyone to carry 2 similar pots in your mind--water and coals.  When you see embers that need stoking to build a greater fire, use your coals.  When you see others needing warmth or fire for cooking, you have assistance to give.  With the water you can nurture growing seeds of ideas or new members; you can quench the thirst of a needy person.  That same water can be used to put out a fire that will bring destruction if allowed to grow.  Sometimes that can be negative attitudes which will spread if allowed to burn.  
We see the devastation from the floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters, and yet we also see the outpouring of help and support.  These times remind us of the blessings in our daily lives and to put aside petty differences.  Keep your coals and water ready to make a difference in the lives around you.  
Two Buckets Laura Elmore 2017-09-24 05:00:00Z 0
Lori Walker, President of the Cross Timbers Rotary Club, is this week's speaker.  Her club was recently featured in The Rotarian magazine for their innovative ways of building club fellowship and community outreach.  October programs will include Frisco Fire Chief Mark Piland, Shelter Box and Committee Updates.  Invite friends and colleagues to our meetings--the Program Committee is providing an interesting variety of information.  If you have suggestions for possible speakers or programs, please pass those along.  
Programs 2017-09-18 05:00:00Z 0
When our younger son, Kenny, was about 4 years old, we made our usual Sunday stop at the country store on the way to church with our kids from the youth ranch.  The drive to church was an hour and the store at the halfway point was a good chance to stretch their legs, make a drink (and candy) purchase and gas the vehicle.  Kenny came back to the van with some gum I didn’t buy and neither did Bryan.  I took Kenny back into the store, explaining that you don’t just take it because it is there; at the store, you pay for what you take.  He had just started receiving a small allowance, so he had to consider whether to relinquish the coins or to have the gum, a tough choice for a 4 year old.  I almost waited to pay the store on our next stop, as this process would make us a few minutes late to church but decided to handle it with Kenny immediately and be tardy instead. 
A week later, we were discussing integrity with the teens over dinner.  When Bryan asked someone for an example, one of the girls immediately referred to that incident.  We didn’t realize the girls even noticed the event, and reflected how glad we were that we took the time to take the corrective steps immediately. What impact might it have had if the reverse was true?
“Actions speak louder than words” is an old saying but speaks volumes.  Each week we end our meetings with The Four Way Test which is the measuring stick of our thoughts, words and deeds.  Does it apply only between ourselves or with everyone?  Obviously the latter is supposed to be the case, but it is important to realize that it effects the attitude of outsiders towards Rotary if we fail to live up to those standards.  We never know who is observing; we should always fulfill the standards of the Four Way Test.
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Posted on Sep 18, 2017
Board Meeting is this week--Thursday, September 21 at 11 am at Toyota Stadium.  
Farmers Market Saturday 6:30 am set up - 1 pm tear down.    If you can work, go to:
Mark Heuchert and Brandy Miles
First Interact meeting Tuesday, September 19 5:00 - 6 pm at CATE Center.  If you know of a teen aged 13 - 18 in Frisco ISD, bring them and join the fun!  Or if you want to enjoy the interaction with teens, come and check it out.  Rene McGruder
This Week in Rotary 9-18 2017-09-18 05:00:00Z 0
We heard from Audie Adkins, who was discharged from Clements Hospital over the weekend and is back home to continue her recovery.  Hopefully we will have her back in our midst sometime during October.  
Audie Update Laura Elmore 2017-09-15 05:00:00Z 0
Due the increased demand in the Food Pantry as a result of our growing community, combined with our support of those evacuated to the area as a result of Hurricane Harvey, Frisco Family Services Food Panty is in dire need of stocking. The most pressing specific needs are:
flour, sugar, pasta, oatmeal, boxed potatoes, boxed meal helpers (Hamburger or Tuna Helper).  Please bring any of these items to our next club meeting and we will have them delivered to the Food Pantry.  
Project of the Month -- Frisco Food Panty 2017-09-15 05:00:00Z 0
We heard from Audie Adkins, who entered Clements Hospital last Friday for surgery.  She will be there for two weeks to get an abdominal incision healed.   From Audie:  "After surgery, I will have a wound vacuum placed on the incision to help it heal properly. I am just ready to get everything healed and back to retired life!  So I will be out Rotary for a bit longer. I am missing some excellent speakers! Good job, everyone!"  
Audie Update Laura Elmore 2017-09-15 05:00:00Z 0
Posted on Sep 11, 2017
Finance Committee Meeting Thursday, September 14 at 11:00 am at Toyota Stadium.
Flag pick up on September 15 at 6:00 pm at Warren Park.  Bring your family and support the patriotic spirit in our local parks.  Steve Weible
Farmers Market Saturday 6:30 am set up - 1 pm tear down.    If you can work, go to:
Mark Heuchert and Brandy Miles
Interact kick-off event Saturday, September 16 1:00 - 2 pm.  If you know of a teen aged 13 - 18 in Frisco ISD, bring them and join the fun!  Or if you want to enjoy the interaction with kids, come and check it out.  Rene McGruder
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Posted on Sep 11, 2017
Gary was released from the hospital by the doctor yesterday after his 2nd round of chemo & they are home.  He is now on outpatient treatments, going to the clinic twice a week to have his blood tested.  The chemo treatment will now be 3 days only at 60% strength.  His blood numbers are all good and biopsies show no cancer cells.  (From Wanda)
From Gary: "Tell everyone I feel great; have not had a bad day yet and look forward to seeing everyone soon.  Thanks for everything the club has done!"
At this time they tell me that no meals or assistance are needed but we will stay in touch with them and pass along word as received.  
Gary Carley September 11 Laura Elmore 2017-09-11 05:00:00Z 0
The most recent update from Red Cross and Rotary District 5810 is a need for diapers, wipes, and baby formula.  Of course, funds are also helpful as that allows the Red Cross to purchase specific items locally and save transport.  
Bring these items and we will get them to the Red Cross for distribution or we will have a collection of funds to submit.  
Project of the Month Laura Elmore 2017-09-11 05:00:00Z 0
Sixteen years ago, we stood transfixed in our Tulsa living room as we watched the World Trade Center building struck by the second plane and then the collapse of both buildings.   My first thought was, “Our son will go to war”.  Kenny, our younger son, was a senior in high school and took early enlistment in the Marine Corps in August 2001.  He became an example of his generation’s belief in protecting our country and serving to protect the world from terror.  Kenny was called to active duty in early January en route to his first class at Oklahoma State University (he was Marine reserve); dropped everything and shipped to San Diego within 48 hours.  His unit was the “tip of the spear” from Kuwait to Baghdad; the first into the city.  We watched his progress on Fox News, as we knew Rick Levanthal was imbedded with his battalion, but had no idea how close to Kenny he was until Kenny’s return at summer’s end.  We were surprised to learn that Levanthal was in Kenny’s vehicle for a good portion of the reporting.  I was relieved to have been spared that knowledge as I watched him report from the thick of the battles. 
As we remember this anniversary, there are still threats to our country from the far corners of the world, and in every area, there are military men and women standing guard for us.  We must never forget the sacrifice of not only the service people, but of their families, who suffer separation, uncertainty and fear for little more than the knowledge that they are making a difference. 
President's Message September 11 Laura Elmore 2017-09-10 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Laura Elmore
We've all watched the news and seen the reports of devastation over the Caribbean islands.  For many of these people, the basic living conditions before a hurricane are very rudimentary; to lose what little they have is beyond belief.  
Whenever we travel, Bryan and I utilize an organization named Pack for a Purpose:  to supply needed items to schools in the area to which we travel.  On last week's trip to Jamaica, we had 1 suitcase full of school supplies which we had the pleasure to deliver to Whitehouse Early Childhood School on the south coast.  These 3 dedicated teachers provide education to over 60 preschool children each day with limited supplies.  An hour spent reading to the children and helping the teachers while providing an assortment of badly needed supplies is always the highlight of our trip.  
The Reading Road Trip is a program sponsored by Sandals Foundation, a non profit organization established by the founders of Sandals & Beaches Resorts.  They build, supply and support schools in needy areas of every island on which they have a resort.  In response to the current hurricanes in the Caribbean, they are accepting donations to provide needed items to the affected islands.  Go to for more information.  
Caribbean Support Laura Elmore 2017-09-10 05:00:00Z 0
We're back at Toyota Stadium this week; our speaker is Frisco Chief of Police John Bruce.  We will also meet our first group of Students of the Month for this academic year; these from Frisco High School.   
Next week we have Rotary District 5810 District Governor Rick Amsberry; Frisco Fire Chief Mark Piland, and Shelter Box are future programs.  Invite friends and colleagues to our meetings as the program provided by the Program Committee is certain to be of interest.  
Programs 2017-09-10 05:00:00Z 0
There is a request for volunteers for "Rotarians Helping Rotarians" to help do clean up in Houston & Southeast Texas on September 16 & 17. We do not know what kind of work you will be doing. It may be sheetrock in Houston, it may be cleaning out houses in Beaumont. For this operation, people will need to bring all tools, work boots, gloves, rakes, brooms, etc. they have.  
Meet at the HEB parking lot at 9am 
130 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX 
It is right off 45 in Spring.
If you are interested in volunteering or have more questions, please contact Assistant Governor, Joanna Nichols. She is the lead on this project. Her contact info 2104672044 or 
NOTE:  This requires independent transport to Houston.  
Hurricane Harvey Assistance Opportunity Laura Elmore 2017-09-10 05:00:00Z 0
Social Chair Linda Pardue is coordinating a gathering for later this month; stay tuned for further details.  If you have ideas for places to get together for an evening social to include spouses/significant others, let Linda know.  
Social for September 2017-09-04 05:00:00Z 0
Posted on Sep 04, 2017
CHANGE OF LOCATION FOR THIS WEEK:  Our September 7 meeting is not at Toyota Stadium.  We will be at Crest Infiniti Event Center, located at 6100 State Hwy 121.  Donny Churchman is our speaker--invite friends to enjoy our fellowship.  
Change of Location September 7 2017-09-04 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Laura Elmore on Sep 04, 2017
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, said Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities.  I am reminded of that as I view Hurricane Harvey with the worst of nature and the best of human nature. 
Facebook and the news are filled with stories of overwhelming help pouring in to the Houston area, including 227,000 meals packed by District 5810 volunteers last Saturday.  Other work days will be announced in coming months and as I am notified, I will pass those along. 
While at the youth ranch, we received a lot of clothing, much of it inappropriate for teens.  It created extra work for us and volunteers and while we appreciated the intent, the funds spent to mail those clothes would have been more helpful.  CBS ran an excellent piece this weekend on misguided relief efforts and I encourage you to watch it at: 
Bearing that in mind, I believe the best way for us to help is to answer specific needs.  For now, another request for diapers, wipes and baby formula came through and we will continue that as our Project of the Month.
Recovery from the effects of Harvey will be a marathon effort.  Unfortunately, experience has shown that within a few weeks attention will turn to the next disaster, and those in Houston will be carrying on with the difficult task of re-building their lives.  Through Rotary we will stay in touch with the area and be there to help for the long haul.   
President's Message Laura Elmore 2017-09-04 05:00:00Z 0
Posted on Sep 01, 2017
Gary Carley Update
Gary is returning to the hospital for another round of chemo starting Wednesday, September 6 and will be in the hospital for approximately 5 days. Upon his discharge we will see if assistance is needed for meals and let you know.  In the interim, keep Gary and Wanda in your thoughts and prayers.  
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Posted on Sep 01, 2017
Gary Carley Update
Gary is returning to the hospital for another round of chemo starting Wednesday, September 6 and will be in the hospital for approximately 5 days. Upon his discharge we will see if assistance is needed for meals and let you know.  In the interim, keep Gary and Wanda in your thoughts and prayers.  
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Posted on Aug 28, 2017
Farmers Market Saturday 6:30 am set up - 1 pm tear down.    If you can work, go to:
Mark Heuchert and Brandy Miles
Flag pick up on September 12 at 5:30 pm at Warren Park.  Bring your family and let's add some patriotic spirit to our local parks.  
Steve Weible
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Last Thursday we didn’t know what our project of the month would be; then Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area!  The Red Cross is collecting multiple items for area families including:  Diapers, wipes, toiletries, socks, shoes for all sizes children and adults, underwear for children and adults
Obviously there are a multitude of items needed and we cannot meet all needs.  But, for now, these will at least get people set for the interim before they even have housing.  Bring items and we will get them to the Red Cross for distribution. 
Our Rotary District has been in touch with the Houston area District leadership and as soon as things settle, we will have District projects with which we can assist.  There will be months of help needed, but these items will be a start.  
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Posted on Aug 28, 2017
Farmers Market Saturday 6:30 am set up - 1 pm tear down.    If you can work, go to:
Mark Heuchert and Brandy Miles
Flag deployment September 1 at 5:30 pm at Warren Park.  Bring your family and let's add some patriotic spirit to our local parks.  Flags will be removed on September 12 as they will remain in the parks for Labor Day and 9/11 Remembrance.  
Stev Weible
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Tanner Micheli is the newest addition to Rotary Club of Frisco.  Tanner is the Senior Real Estate Development Manager for Topgolf USA and while his work requires a lot of travel, he is already becoming involved in Youth Services.  Before moving to Texas Tanner was already familiar with Rotary, as he served with the RYLA Camp program in northern California.  
Tanner and wife Jamie have been residents of Frisco for about 2 1/2 years and in the Dallas metroplex for over 5 years.  The are approaching their fourth wedding anniversary and have a son who is almost two years old.  
It's a pleasure to have Tanner and Jamie a part of our Rotary family and we look forward to the impact they will have on our youth programs.   
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The most recent Project of the Month was art supplies for the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County after school program.  Between physical items and cash donations, we provided:

900 sheets construction paper, 1500 markers, 300 crayons, 10 canvasses, 64 oz. modeling clay, 5 hot glue guns with 100 glue sticks, 5 large art pads, 100 Popsicle sticks, 50 tubs washable paint, 75 Paint brushes, 300 Paper plates, 50 paper bags, 12 croquet needles, 3 skeins crochet yarn and 2 Croquet pattern books.  

In addition, Rotarian Al Brewster presented a check for $1,000 to Boys and Girls Club CEO Mike Simpson.  It's a pleasure to serve our community and make a difference in the lives of area young people.  
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Posted by Laura Elmore
A couple of weeks ago, Bryan was looking for a carpet cleaning service and was drawn to a firm that had the four-way test statements on its website.  He called and, of course, inquired if the owner was a Rotarian, and was surprised to hear no.  The owner explained that his child received a coin at school last year that had those statements on it and since it summarized his business approach, he put it on his website.  When the cleaner came to our home, he proudly showed the coin which he carries at all times.  I encouraged him to look for a Rotary Club in his community, and gave him a coin from our club so he could return the original coin to his son. 
Who would have guessed that distributing Citizen of the Quarter coins would lead to the four-way test being promoted as strong business ethics by a non-Rotarian?   Our objective with the Citizen of the Quarter is to encourage those standards among elementary school students, but to see that spread to their parents should stand as further encouragement to see this program continue.  If you would like to work with an elementary school to offer the Citizen of the Quarter, let Rene McGruder or me know and we’ll get you started. 
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September 7 we have a change of location again; this time we will be at Crest Infiniti Event Center at 6100 State Hwy 121.  Donny Churchman, developer of Patio and Towers at the Rail will provide a view of these exciting projects that will add to Downtown Frisco.  
Next weeks' speaker is Frisco Chief of Police John Bruce.  We will also hear from our first group of Students of the Month for this academic year; these from Frisco High School.  We will be back at Toyota Stadium on September 14.  
Rotary District 5810 District Governor Rick Amsberry, Frisco Fire Chief, and ??? are future programs.  Invite friends and colleagues to our meetings as the program provided by the Program Committee is certain to be of interest.  
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60 years old!  That number sounds unbelievable to me, but my driver’s license says it’s true.  With this milestone birthday, I remember a year after we married, when Bryan’s family had a reunion at which I got acquainted with his 70-year-old grandmother.  As we walked together and visited, she looked at me (all of 21 years old!) and said, “In my mind I am you; it’s only my body that has changed”.  I smiled and nodded, but was thinking, “you’re crazy, because you’re old”.  However, with each passing decade, I realize more fully the truth in that statement. 
While at the Interact meeting last Saturday, I reflected that it seems like only yesterday that my kids were this age; now my oldest has a son approaching the age for Interact.  Where did the time go?  I also reflect on the friends scattered across multiple states where I have been privileged to live, the varied careers that led me to own my business; opportunities to travel to dozens of countries across three continents; learning from and serving those less fortunate than myself. 
All of which leads me to face this new decade exhilarated as I am free to explore further new horizons I have yet to experience.  As President of the Rotary Club of Frisco I am privileged to work with the best and brightest of the second-fastest growing community in the nation—wow!  This is an extraordinary assembly of leaders focused on serving our city; my goal is to support and expand those efforts.  The best birthday gift to me is the impact of our Club both here and around the world. 
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August 18 Interact had a planning meeting to start the year with strong preparations.  We were pleased to have 15 or 16 teens participating, representing different schools across FISD.  Our adult leaders include Kimberly Church of Lebanon Trails High School and Kimberly Hemenway of CATE Center, led by Rene McGruder of our club.  
Included in plans were a list of 8 community service projects and 2 international service projects they will support through gifts and hand on participation.  Among preparations were creating a social media distribution system, establishing election schedule and starting a committee structure.  
The school year kick-off will be Saturday, September 16 from 1 - 2:30 at CATE Center with a beach themed party.  If you want to hear more about the Interact plans and get to know these motivated teens, join us for some fun and food.  
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Gary Carley Update
Great news!  The most recent bone marrow test showed no cancer cells!  He is now home but cannot have guests.  The cancer treatment has compromised his immune system and he must not be exposed to anyone outside the family.  If you want to take a meal sign up below.  When delivering the meal, Wanda asks that you ring the doorbell, leave the meal on the front porch and leave.  They hate to seem inhospitable, but this is important for Gary's protection.  
Further, the chemo has caused mouth sores, so nothing crunchy or spicy is enjoyable for him.  If you are interested in providing meals, go to:  
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This Week in Rotary
Farmer’s Market Saturday—we have a new vendor, JoJo’s Sweet Treats, joining this week + Tikiz shaved ice and all our favorite weekly vendors. If you can work, go to:
Mark Heuchert and Brandy Miles
Youth Services has an Interact planning session on Saturday at 9:30 – 12 at Lebanon Trail High School.  If you are interested in getting to know some of our best local teens (maybe share some pizza, service and laughs), come for part (or all) of the meeting.  Rene McGruder
The Fundraising Committee is tasked with identifying and planning one additional major fundraising event for our club. This means that whatever we decide and whatever we plan should impact our Rotary Club for years. What an awesome opportunity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!   I am inviting you to STEP UP and become a member of the Fundraising Committee. Our next meeting is Monday, August 21 at 5 pm at Frisco Style Magazine Office.  Chris Johnson
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Last Week in Rotary
Youth Services participated in Frisco School District Back to School Bash last Saturday and distributed almost 200 pencils and stickers to students, 100 flyers to parents and garnered over 30 additional teens who might participate in Interact. 
Farmers Market is past the half way point of the season; we’re enjoying a variety of vendors and members helping at the market, having fun and making a difference. 
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Change of Meeting Location This Week
This week’s meeting will be at LaunchPad City,
6170 Research Road
Frisco, Texas
Our speaker is Mayor Jeff Cheney, updating our membership on his 100-day plan. 

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This month's Project is for Boys & Girls Club of Collin County, to provide art and project supplies for the children's after-school activities.  Please pick up any of the following and bring with you to the meeting:
Construction Paper
Art Pads
Paint Brushes (small- Med –large)
Hot Glue Guns
Hot Glue Sticks
Colored Felt Fabric
Colored Buttons
Paper Plates
Colored Yarn
Brown Paper Bags
Ice Cream/Popsicle Sticks
Cotton Balls
Croquet Needles
Science Kits
Croquet Thread
Washable Paint (all colors)
Croquet Patterns
Boys & Girls Club Project of the Month 2017-08-07 05:00:00Z 0
At the August 3rd meeting, Community Services Chair, Bill Markell, presented Nicole Bursey, Director of Frisco Family Services the hygiene items we collected for distribution to local teens in need.  Thankfully, we received enough items and funds to purchase a 3 month supply for 23 kids!  Thank you for your generosity.  
This month's Project is for Boys & Girls Club of Collin County, to provide art and project supplies for the children's after-school activities.  Please pick up any of the following and bring with you to the meeting:
Construction Paper
Art Pads
Paint Brushes (small- Med –large)
Hot Glue Guns
Hot Glue Sticks
Colored Felt Fabric
Colored Buttons
Paper Plates
Colored Yarn
Brown Paper Bags
Ice Cream/Popsicle Sticks
Cotton Balls
Croquet Needles
Science Kits
Croquet Thread
Washable Paint (all colors)
Croquet Patterns
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Our first social event of the new year resulted in 2 couples offering their homes for events in the coming months.  If you have a pool and space to host us for a pool party, that would be a great end of summer.  Let Linda Pardue know and we’ll coordinate a date.    
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Something for Everyone

May 6 through October 21, 2017
Every Saturday - rain or shine
8:00am to 1:00pm or Sell Out
Introducing: Food trucks!!
Located in Historic Downtown Frisco
Just off of Main Street Between 3rd and 4th Street
(behind Frisco Chamber of Commerce)
8821 4th St, Frisco, Texas 75034
Started in 2007, the Frisco Farmers' Market continues to grow in popularity.  New for 2017, starting in June the Farmer's Market will have food trucks with tasty surprises for breakfast and lunch. 
The market was founded by the Frisco Noon Lions Club for the benefit of our community.  Today, the market is managed by the Rotary Club of Frisco. Local growers offer juicy melons, peaches, vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh corn on the cob and lots more. Also offered are baked breads, meat from local ranchers, honey, arts and crafts, and various other products.
The market allows consumers to have access to locally grown, farm fresh produce, enables farmers the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with their customers, and cultivate consumer loyalty with the farmers who grow the produce.
Come grow with us!  Leashed dogs welcome!
Posted by Laura Elmore
Need a meeting make-up?  
Rotary eClub One is just like any traditional Rotary club. The only difference is that members meet on-line to coordinate service projects and enjoy fellowship with like-minded Rotarians. If you are a Rotarian, and you are visiting this website for a make-up credit: Click on the MAKE-UP PROGRAMS link in the grey panel above and spend 30 minutes or more reading program articles and viewing video content. Next ... Click on the REQUEST MAKEUP link in the grey panel above and and follow the instructions. Finally...Notify your club secretary that you have completed the program. The Rotary e-Club One website keeps thousands of Rotarians connected, informed and inspired.
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