Posted by Laura Elmore
We've all watched the news and seen the reports of devastation over the Caribbean islands.  For many of these people, the basic living conditions before a hurricane are very rudimentary; to lose what little they have is beyond belief.  
Whenever we travel, Bryan and I utilize an organization named Pack for a Purpose:  to supply needed items to schools in the area to which we travel.  On last week's trip to Jamaica, we had 1 suitcase full of school supplies which we had the pleasure to deliver to Whitehouse Early Childhood School on the south coast.  These 3 dedicated teachers provide education to over 60 preschool children each day with limited supplies.  An hour spent reading to the children and helping the teachers while providing an assortment of badly needed supplies is always the highlight of our trip.  
The Reading Road Trip is a program sponsored by Sandals Foundation, a non profit organization established by the founders of Sandals & Beaches Resorts.  They build, supply and support schools in needy areas of every island on which they have a resort.  In response to the current hurricanes in the Caribbean, they are accepting donations to provide needed items to the affected islands.  Go to for more information.