Posted by Laura Elmore
Narrowing the Choices
Opportunities abound as we make a difference in our community and around the world.  In the last two weeks alone we were approached to sponsor Frisco Pioneer Days; a representative from Frisco ISD contacted me with a need for bicycle for a physically disabled student to ride tandem with family members plus some international projects.  Emails arrive a couple of times a week with requests; narrowing those to what we can really do with the time and funds available is a continuing process.  
Service above self is the Rotary motto and our primary limitation to increased service is manpower.  There is a common belief in volunteer organizations that 80% of the work is accomplished by 20% of the people. The volunteer sign-up sheets we’ve been completing indicate that we have 83% of the club involved to some degree over the last 90 days.
Of course, that indicates that 27% of the club is not involved in service (or not completing the form).  What is keeping members from participating in service?  Lack of time or lack of interest or commitment to the projects in which our club is involved?  I want to know as my #1 goal as President is to increase service participation to 95% during my term.  For those of you who have not served on a project, I would welcome your input as to what is keeping you from serving.  No recrimination or hassle; I just would like to know how we can improve the opportunities we offer to members. 
An example is the Citizen of the Quarter program and Interact.  We have been approached several times by elementary and middle school principals, and parents to expand the program to the schools which do not have it.  Since this school term began, I have received over eight requests for this expansion and our reason for turning down those requests is lack of members willing to assist.  
Open World is another great opportunity to work with international guests to build their knowledge of civic and business matters in the US.  This creates relationships with our guests that will foster better international understanding and possible future projects.   Please consider hosting members of this delegation or helping to coordinate connections to add value to their time in Frisco.
I always welcome your thoughts and input; please reach out as I will make time for coffee or lunch to talk about any concerns or ideas you have as to how to expand what we are doing to make a difference.