Temperatures (and service opportunities) rising
While the outside temperatures heat up, so do the many service outlets in our club. This week we have two days of service available with Big Star Marathon, in addition to Interact meeting and committee meetings as our weekly program.   Our scholarship applications are under review with interviews coming soon.  We have a blood drive during meeting on April 19th and Farmer’s Market kicks off on April 21st for the season.  Interact Spring Fling is also April 21st with an opportunity to get a taste of this program in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. 
I occasionally hear from members that they just don’t have time to participate in our outside activities.  This was a large part of my motivation in offering committee meetings as part of our periodic meetings. Show up for our weekly meeting and you’re connected to a committee. 
By participating in those meetings, each member has the chance to add to the plans for our club.  Lack of involvement is not possible if there is the slightest interest.  And if you are not interested in involvement, maybe it’s time to wonder why you are in Rotary? 
Don’t get me wrong--I’m not suggesting that people drop out of Rotary; just the reverse.  For those not connected to a service area due to limited time or availability, our committee meetings are an avenue to overcome the hurdle.  Time constraints should not keep you from participation.  Even if you are not available to attend outside events, if you are at a meeting, you can take part in our service.   
As you arrive this week, if you are not already connected to a committee, look around and find an area that interests you.  Join the discussion and benefit in the process of making a difference.