In many countries, like Nicaragua, school is considered a privilege and wearing a uniform is a sign of respect for that opportunity.  As a result, the culture places pressure on families to have uniforms to acquire an education.  As a result, many of the poorer families do not send their children to school, as pride prevents them from sending a child without the uniform which is considered a part of the acceptable culture.  School attendance alone is a financial burden to these families, as the cost of books and school supplies forestalls the funds for the uniform. 
In Nicaragua, the school year runs from February to November, with summer holidays in December and January.  The District 5810 Heart of Nicaragua trip in March will be at the start of the term, and is an ideal time to supply the uniforms to help children in need.  The cost of the uniforms is $20 per child, which will provide white shirts and blue pants or skirts.  We are collecting the funds to send with our team to purchase there as we will get "more bang for the buck".  Please join us in making the dream of an education possible for these families.