Good things are on the horizon; some new and some that are old favorites.  
Safety Town Trick or Treat is October 27 6 - 9 pm.  Once again we have received 2,000 books from Half Price Books store, and will be distributing these.  Our booth is always a highlight to participants and their parents and it's a fun chance to enjoy them.  We will have a sorting and labeling party with Interact on Tuesday, October 3 at 5 - 6:30 at CATE Center.  Bring your kids and come for all or part of that time (there may be pizza!)
Farmer's Market has been negotiating with Four Seasons Market for several months for possible partnership.  After lengthy discussions and due diligence investigation, an agreement has been roughed out and reviewed by two attorneys in our club.  The Farmers Market committee has reviewed and agreed to move forward with the agreement which will be emailed to all members in the coming week.  All members are asked to read and consider the agreement and submit andy questions, concerns or feedback to Mark Heuchert or Laura Elmore. The Board of Directors will make a  decision on October 19.