Rotary Club of Frisco Grant Program
The Rotary Club of Frisco’s Grant Program places a strong emphasis on assisting non-profit organizations that make life better in Frisco, our state and around the world. Within Rotary’s funding guidelines and priorities, grant requests are considered from any non-profit organization. The Rotary Club of Frisco funds numerous programs and projects and gives every request serious consideration. However, it is not possible to fund every request received.
Eligibility Requirements
  • Any organization that is has a valid 501(c)(3) designation with the Internal Revenue Service for the year of its grant application is eligible to receive a grant from the Club.
  • All grant applications submitted to the Club must have a member in good standing of the Club sponsor such application. The Grant Committee may contact any member of the Club for further information on such grant.
  • An organization may only receive one (1) grant in each twelve (12) month period.
  • Grant applications which do not receive funding for any quarter may be carried over for consideration in following quarters of the Club year.
Guidelines for Support
All nonprofit organizations that meet eligibility requirements are encouraged to submit a Grant Application. All Applications must be submitted online. We consider each application on a case-by-case basis.
The Rotary Club of Frisco considers requests from organizations for projects/programs in the following areas:
Children, Youth, Families
Example: Programs that enhance the quality of life for children and youth through opportunities that will enhance their intellectual, emotional, physical and social development.
Health and Human Services
Example: Programs and projects that benefit veterans, the elderly, the physically disabled and underserved populations impacted by issues of homelessness, inadequate healthcare, hunger and poverty.
Arts and Culture
Example: Organizations that increase accessibility and enhance awareness of arts and culture, especially among underserved populations.
Example:  Programs and projects that serve all age groups.
Example:  Programs that enhance awareness and work to improve environmental impacts on people and our world.
Civic Organizations
Example:  Other non-profits not included in one of the areas above
Maximum Request
Grant Applications less than $500 or more than $5000 are considered but are discouraged.
Ineligible Activities and Expenses
  • General operating expenses, special event expenses or ongoing project support
  • Requests from pass-through organizations are not accepted
  • Annual and capital campaigns (though we will consider capital projects)
  • Debt reduction or project expenses that occur prior to or after the project dates
  • Support to individuals
  • Seldom will we consider funding 100% of a project/program
  • Guest speakers, travel or related expenses
Final Report
The Applicant organization will be asked to complete and return a Final Report by the date specified in the Grant Approval Letter including information about the audiences served, numbers of people served, the impact of the program and expenditures.
Submission Dates
Applications may be submitted at any time with our online Grant Application Form. The Club Grant Committee meets on a quarterly basis to review all applications and make acceptance recommendations to the Club Board of Directors. Approved Applicants are notified and funded as soon as logistically possible. Other applicants are notified that their application was denied or will be retained for future consideration in following quarters.
The Applicant agrees to acknowledge the Rotary Club of Frisco in all of its publicity and written documentation related to the project.
Rating Criteria
Criteria used to evaluate applications include, but are not limited to:
  • Does the project/program address a significant issue?
  • Does the project/program demonstrate quality, vision, effectiveness and collaboration?
  • Does the organization present a plan for implementation and completion of project/program on a timely basis?
  • Is there a plan for program/project sustainability once grant funds are expended?
  • Has the organization provided a well-thought-out funding plan?
  • Match Requirements – While no formal requirement matches improve the overall grant application.
Required Attachments for all Grant Applicants
Please include one copy of the following items
  1. List of organization's Board of Directors with contact information
  2. Budget of project/program and timeline
  3. 501(c)3 Certificate
  4. W-9 Form

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