Posted by Laura Elmore
Fellow Rotarian and good friend, Gary Carley, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia last week. He started chemo therapy today and will  be in the hospital for another 4 weeks. This is taking his immune system down so only his wife, Wanda, can be in the hospital room with him. He cannot receive any visitors, flowers, or cards.  I spoke with Wanda and while they appreciate the concern and support, Gary is too weak and tired for calls and cannot be visited so they have asked that we not disclose the hospital location at this time.  She also requests that calls not be made to him at this time as he has begun a rigorous treatment.  She will keep in touch and asked that I keep everyone apprised as to how we can help them other than cards and prayers.  If you want to send a card to them, please send to their home address:
4415 Siena Drive
Frisco, TX   75033-7113
We will have a card this week for the entire membership to sign and pass along information as it is received.  Please keep Gary and Wanda in your prayers!