Nov 08, 2018
Laird Hightower
Active Shooter Civilian Awareness

I am ready to give the Active Shooter Civilian Awareness presentation this Thursday.  What time would you like me to be present?  I'll be there early to double check my thumb drive with your point of contact.  Will there be a computer and projection screen for the Power Point?


No photo but here is some bio info:


1991 Southwestern Okla. St. Univ, BA


1994 Okla. Univ. Law School, JD


1995-1999 Okla. St. Police, Bureau of Narcotics, Agent


1999-2011 FBI El Paso Div.

2000-2011 FBI El Paso SWAT & Firearms/ Tactical Instructor


2011-2012 FBI Academy, Quantico, VA, Supervisory SA, Firearms Instructor for New Agent Trainees


2012-Current FBI Dallas Div.

Domestic Terrorism Squad,

Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Tactical, ALERRT Active Shooter Instructor




Laird Hightower