Overcoming obstacles on your journey to success
Nov 15, 2018
Rick Lewis
Overcoming obstacles on your journey to success

Rick Lewis is the President and CEO of Transpere

As a CEO of an industry that I have been a part of for the last 25 years, I recognize the overall business of; IT asset management, onsite/offsite data eradication and ITAD (Information Asset Disposition) services, and recycling, is in need for focused leadership. The overall industry has been fragmented for many years, so at Transpere, we vow to bring clarity to an obscure world by ensuring there is integrity in all we do! My core belief in servant leadership applies to all who work with me, internally and externally to ensure we serve with a positive, purpose driven approach..

• Industry visionary in ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition)
• Lead the industry with the concept of a scalable and portable onsite electronic data eradication.
• In partnership with top tier OEM to deliver the onsite hard drive erasing.
• Onsite data eradication services ranged from a single hard drive to large data centers.
• Co-founded Techway Services in 2004 - protecting client data and an end to end solutions.
• Custom designed recycling projects for national retail chains.
• Crafted solutions for manufacturing, telecom, government and education.
• Created a joint venture partnership, GEEP Texas.
• Responsible for the successful completion of ISO 9001 ISO 18001 ISO 14001 and R2 standards.
• Extensive knowledge in international trade, import and export processes and procedures and insight to the business culture in Hong Kong, China and South America.